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Here Michael skilfully blends a triune of powerful healing modalities together. Crystal and Reiki Energy, are blended with Sound Waves to provide the attendees with a spectacular array of calm, relaxation and healing not normally experienced in a traditional Gong Bath.
Michael is a Gong Bath Practitioner, as well as a qualified Reiki Master, Chi Kung Teacher and Crystal Therapist. He does private Gong Baths for individuals or couples at his home near Blyth, but he also has a regular Gong Bath at Seaton Sluice Community Centre on the last Sunday of each month starting at 2pm. Further details below.
Crystals + Reiki + Sound
If you have not experienced a Gong Bath before don’t worry there is no ‘getting wet’ or having to ‘remove’ your clothes. The term ‘bath’ relates to you being ‘bathed’ in sound waves. Attendees arrive and either sit or lie down on the floor, many bring sleeping bags, or yoga mats to lie on, and then cover themselves in blankets to keep cosy with a cushion or pillow for their heads. Michael has 4 zero gravity reclining reflexology chairs available which he will bring in if you choose this option at the ticket checkout, and these offer the ultimate in comfort, and relaxation during the session for an additional charge of only £2 per ticket. Attendees simply get themselves comfortable, close their eyes and after some initial group abdominal breathing exercises to get rid of any stale stagnant energy then simply switching off and letting  the amazing sounds of the Gong pass through them. The Sound produces vibrations and it is these which work to rebalance us, on the mental, emotional, physical and even spiritual levels. Once our bodies start vibrating at their optimal level we have the ability, to heal ourselves right down to the cellular level. as well as becoming profoundly relaxed and feeling great and calm in the process.

A Gong Bath offers all the benefits of meditation, but without the effort. Not everyone finds it enjoyable or easy to meditate and the appeal here for many people is there is literally nothing for you to do other than get comfortable, and take some deep breaths in and out before 'switching off’ even letting yourself fall asleep if you wish, and the beauty here is that even asleep it still works for you, as the vibrations pass through our entire body into every cell, gland, organ, structure and tissue without even needing the ears to do so. As our bodies are 65% water, this is a perfect medium for vibrations to flow through us.
Crystals + Reiki + Sound
This combination of Universal or Spiritual Energy, Crystals and Sound Waves is very Special, unique, and very powerful.
Prior to the session Michael will channel Reiki energy into each quartz crystal, one for each attendee to hold during the session. Once the Gong bath commences the crystals are programed with Intent to release the healing Reiki energy into the attendees body to calm, relax and heal. At the same time the vibrations from the sound waves will interact with the crystals to greatly increase their vibrational rate which in turn will greatly increase the vibrational rate of the body. The higher the vibrational rate the more relaxation, calm and healing will occur. Michael will also Reiki the Gong prior to the session and program it with Intent to release Reiki energy while its being played into each of the attendees. This combination of Universal Energy, Crystals and Sound Waves is very special, unique, and very powerful.
Crystals + Reiki + Sound
Everything that exists in the universe is constantly vibrating, walls, buildings, metal, plants, humans, right down to the cells in our body. Sound healing works by using the vibrations from the sound generated by the Gong, to help bring about calmness, relaxation and healing. Gongs vibrate at the same frequency, or ‘resonance’, as the body’s cells. This puts the body in the best state to heal itself. As we are up to 65% water, our bodies make brilliant conductors of healing vibrations.
Crystals + Reiki + Sound
When you experience a gong bath, one of the many changes that occur is your brain waves slow right down as if you were in a deep state of meditation, and as a result your body gets the same benefits such as feeling deeply relaxed, while allowing the body to begin healing itself. A gong bath is an ancient type of sound therapy that’s been practiced for centuries. In fact it’s one of the oldest instruments to be used on Earth. As the gong is played everyone in the room is completely bathed in sound waves, no water is used and the sound enters us not only through the ears, but through whole body and whether we are consciously listening to the gong or not, even if were asleep.
Crystals + Reiki + Sound
The sound vibrations massage and stimulate us both inside and out. It is so special making it a totally immersive mind and body experience. Michael plays the gong with a variety of mallets, in a variety of ways to create therapeutic sound waves using an intuitive unstructured approach which creates a unique pallet of sound sensations, that will transport you to another dimension, unblock your energy and vibrate your body into a state of wellbeing, harmony and total calm.
Crystals + Reiki + Sound
As good as this is, it gets even better. Crystals and Gongs are both vibrational tools which Michael utilized to the full. As a Crystal therapist Michael specialises in the use of geometric Crystal Grids. Clear quartz as well as Rose quartz are primarily used in a Grid to harness and amplify the power of each individual crystal, before blending with intent, to release the healing energy as the gong is being played and into the room with all the attendees benefiting. A second crystal grid is used this time with a time delay Intent to release Reiki energy during the later part of the session. In addition the Gong itself is Reikied three days beforehand, using Intent to release Reiki into the attendees on the first strike of the Gong.
Crystals + Reiki + Sound
Intent is a powerful force in its own right and is the key to blend all these energies together into a harmonious stream of healing and wellbeing. Other crystals are placed in the room to release a fountain of calm, relaxation and tranquillity. And finally Michael channels Reiki into both clear and rose quartz crystals for the attendees to hold during the session, and they will release their healing energies as the Gong is being played. 
Crystals + Reiki + Sound
No experience or knowledge is needed, just bring a blanket, a pillow and a smile. Attendees can either lie on the floor covered with a warm blanket and a pillow for your head, or chairs are available to sit on, again a blanket is recommended as it is common for the body temprarture to drop during a gong bath. Bottled water and herbal teas are available before your journey home, as well as time to share your experiences with Michael and the other guests should you wish to do so, and to help bring you back down to earth again.
Crystals + Reiki + Sound

Contra Indications
While Gong Baths are completely safe, as a precaution it is not recommended if you have epilepsy, a serious mental condition, a pacemaker, or if you are pregnant. Please check with Michael if your unsure.
 The Venue
The Seaton Sluice Gong Bath is now on the last Sunday of each month, situated in its new home of the large Hall. This is a beautiful room and a perfect environment to hold a Gong Bath. With the rugged North sea just a short distance away the room is awash with lovely natural flowing energies, from the sea. Doors open at 1.45pm for a prompt 2.05pm start, and finishing at 3.05pm. Unfortunately once the Gong Bath has started late arrivals will not be able to gain entry as the main doors will be locked for personal and building security. There is a car park on site for up to 20 cars with street parking nearby. We are located in the large hall which is separate from the main building. Toilets plus disabled toilets are available as well as a disabled ramp into the hall.
Please bring a couple of blankets and a pillow. Your body temprarture is likely to drop so warm loose fitting clothing is recommended. Please feel free to bring a sleeping bag, folding reclining chair or yoga mat. If you prefer Michael has 4 reclining zero gravity Reflexology chairs, which you can book at the ticket checkout on the Eventbrite web site for an additional charge of only £2.
Tickets Available;
Tickets are on sale through 'Eventbrite' please click here to go to their secure web site. Gong Baths are held each month at Seaton Sluice community centre, on the last Sunday of the month at 2pm. Please note that the venue is Covid 19 compliant. Please check with me or the venue for the latest Covid 19 restrictions.  Current situation as at September 25th 2020 is that face coverings must be worn on entry and whilst the Gong Bath is in session, also hand sanitizers are available at the main door to the large Hall, this applies to Michael also.
  1. £10  Standard ticket. Floor space for your air mattress / camp bed / sleeping bag or for a basic low back plastic chair
  2. £12  Premier ticket.  Comfortable Reflexology Zero Gravity Reclining Chair, with a laundered blanket or throw. Only 4 available
What Attendees Have Said
Michael is a great therapist. He is warm, friendly and above all, professional. I had a taste of my first ever Gong Bath yesterday. No water or nudity is involved! I lay on a couch feeling comfortable and secure while Michael created the most amazing healing sounds using a single Gong. I was transported to a place of bliss carried on the wings of the sound vibration. A very relaxing session came to an end and I needed some time to feel grounded again. Michael made me a cup of soothing herbal tea and I gradually returned to the land of living. I would highly recommend a session of Gong Bath therapy with Michael Fothergill
R.S-A Newcastle Upon Tyne
Couldn’t agree more I too felt uplifted and energised following this session Would recommend this man without hesitation. His sound gong session was amazing and I can’t wait for the next one.
C.W Stanley Co Durham
It was lovely to see Michael today, had a gong bath treatment. I wasn’t too sure what to expect, it was relaxing, throughout the treatment. I suffer with slight back pain and has been ongoing for a while. I have found since having the gong bath my back feels so much better, i am so chilled. I would definitely recommend trying this. The experience is lovely and will be having more gong baths. Thank you Michael
T.L Northumberland
The sound bath on Saturday was an amazing experience. So calming I was chilled out for the rest of the day. I will definitely be going again.
L.F Northumberland
My first sound bath, and it was amazing. I can't believe l got to feel this good without doing anything. I'll be back
K.M  Blyth
To be honest I was very sceptical when I arrived , but wow, what a shock. I have spent years meditating and found it hard to believe that listening to a 'bin lid' being hit with a stick would produce the same benefits and feelings. How wrong I was. I am a convert now and can't wait for the next one at your house.  Apologies about the 'bin lid' reference to your gong, it is a beautiful instrument and I would swear I could woman singing as you played, what a bonus.
P.C Shiremoor
Please feel free to share your experiences with others.
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Seaton Sluice Community Centre; https://www.facebook.com/seatonsluicecc/


Michael is a fully qualified Foot Health Professional, with 25 years experience. If you need help with corns, callous, ingrown toe nails, thickened toe nails or if you have problems just reaching your feet call Michael for an appointment. Home visits are £25 and include treating both feet and a mini foot massage. Michael will also advise on footwear types of moisturiser and simple exercises to help with fallen arches, where required.  Michael will travel within a 20 mile radius of Blyth in South East Northumberland, North Tyneside and Newcastle. Alternatively patients can travel to Michael's home in Blyth for their treatment for only £20.

Michael has a range of gift vouchers for friends, family or even yourself not only for Foot Health, but also for Crystal therapy, Hypnosis, Indian Head massage ,Reflexology, and Reiki. Please email Michael with your request. The vouchers can be used for any treatment, but can be personalised to any specific therapy. You can pay with Cash, Cheque, Bank Transfer or PayPal.

For an appointment call Michael on 07792 694030

You can contact me either by;

Telephone, or text for a call back on;  07792 694030

Email;   fothergilltherapies@gmail.com

About Michael

Michael has a BA in Education and Learning from Sunderland University, and is a qualified Assessor, and Internal Quality Assurer. He is also a qualified Foot Health Professional, but these days is only working part time with his existing patients only. In addition to running his own Therapy Training School for over 25 years, he worked at Northumberland college for over 15 years as a lecturer in Indian head massage, Reflexology, Scalp massage and Workplace  massage. He has also worked at several high schools including King Edward School in Morpeth, Blyth community college and at Derwentside College Co Durham.
As well as a Gong Practitioner he is also a qualified Reiki Master Teacher, Chi Kung Teacher, Crystal Therapist, Indian Head Massage therapist, Reflexologist, and Consultant Hypnotherapist. 
Today Michael teaches courses in Reiki, all levels from Level One right up to Master Teacher. Refresher Cpd courses and Chi Kung classes as well as  doing regular Gong Baths. All his therapies are available either from his home near Blyth, as well as providing home visits to clients, for Crystal therapy, Indian Head massage Reflexology, Reiki, Hypnotherapy and Past Life regression. He is available for talks and demonstrations on any of the subjects he teaches and practices.

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