About Micheal

My background in therapies began in 1987 when I became interested in Reflexology. The concept that one part of the body e.g. the shoulder corresponds to an area of the foot that represents the shoulder, and  then by stimulating that area on the foot would  cause a reaction in the shoulder  and initiate the bodies own healing ability l found incredible.

I had worked in the motor trade as a parts manager for several years. Starting out in complementary therapies was a massive change, to what l had been doing. Although I was financially worse off, I felt happier, and uplifted and strangely on track..

In 1988 l started a course in hypnotherapy which awakened me further to the potential of the mind, and how it could influence the body. This became a catalyst for chi Kung and meditation, which took me to Indian head massage with its chakra balancing to the upper chakras felt even more natural and this took me to Reiki  where all of the chakras are utilised as well as the bodies aura. In between  the 3 years I learned Reiki  I started going to a Chi Kung class in Whitley Bay.  ignited my  interest in working with energy. I discovered Reiki in 2001 and gradually over the years achieved my master teacher level.

Then just when l thought l had reached the end of my therapy training l found a Crystal therapy course which l enrolled into and this added more prices to the jigsaws of my development and journey. 

In between this period l was also kept busy developing my academic qualifications, starting first with a 7306  teaching qualification, then an Assessors course, at Northumberland College followed by a Certificate in Education at Newcastle College. After a year's break l started a Degree course at Sunderland university and gained a BA in Education and Learning. 


          My mission is to promote Sound and Gong Baths, and provide the      Best experience possible
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Micheal's More Recent Journey
Several years ago my own journey led me to my first Gong, but it was not to be a specialist Gong or music shop, but in the most unlikely of places. It was a classic car event at Beaulieu. Sited in the heart of the ancient and beautiful New Forrest in Hampshire. With hundreds of stallholders on the site I stumbled across one stall in particular. Nestling between an assortment of car parts, doors, wings, boot lids, old petrol pumps, and partially worn tyres was a 14 inch Feng Gong, silently hanging listless in its dark oak stand. Despite looking tarnished and somewhat dishevelled, and crying out for a thorough clean. While gazing at this Gong l experienced a brief moment of confusion. Standing mesmerised for several minutes in what I was looking at, l was partially aware that the stall holder was moving over towards me, sensing a possible sale. As he stood beside me looking at this alien object occupying his sales plot, he explained how he came to have this musical oddity (his words) for sale on his stall full of car parts, a story which took several minutes to convey. Looking for a Gong, let alone learning to play one had never entered my head prior to this. My brother returned from the adjacent stall just as I was handing my money over to the stall holder, and being handed the Gong and stand. His facial expression confirmed what his shaking head was conveying, he was in a state of shock and total disbelief as to what I had just bought. His words were something like " what the ---- are you going to do with that".
During my Hypnotherapy course in 1986 I completed two optional modules, Past Life Regression and Sound therapy both of which l thoroughly enjoyed. Looking back I realised that my guides were trying even then to fire up my interest in Sound therapy. But this was 2016. It took my guides another 30 years to get me to that stall in Beaulieu.
My journey into sound therapy is now in top gear, and since that hot sultry day in Beaulieu,  my love and passion for Gongs has steadily grown, and I now have a modest collection of 4 Gongs, including my pride and joy, my 32 inch Feng Gong Arwen. In more recent years I have expanded my Sound Baths, with other instruments such as, my Himalayan Singing Bowls, Tibetan Bells, Koshi Chimes, Tribal and Surf Drums and my awesome Didgeridoo which remains a work in progress. All these instruments can help to totally immerse you in heavenly, soothing healing bliss.