Crystal Therapy 

Micheal's fabulous Selenite Towers

Crystal healing feels absolutely great, creating a deep level of calm and relaxation, not just in the mind but the whole body. It is a holistic vibrational therapy that works to restore our energy balance in our chakras, before being unleashed throughout  our 'whole' body and mind.
When you handle and work with these ancient stones you realise how special and relevant they are as a healing tool. This ancient therapy harnesses the healing power of individual crystals such as clear quartz or amethyst, which vibrate at certain frequencies to match that of our chakras. Once placed over the chakras they will help the bodies energy system to 'rebalance'. Crystal therapy not only feels great to receive, but will help to significantly lower your stress levels, with a huge, built in feel good factor. It works on our physical body, emotional,mental and spiritual bodies in addition to the mind.

The Crystal Treatment
These unique sessions are available at Micheal's Gong Studio, at Chase Farm near Blyth.  Your individual session starts with a consultation. Then a treatment plan is agreed based on your needs, and your energy requirements. Micheal will select and position over 30 crystals, all of which are appropriate to your needs and requirements. The crystals will be placed on and around your chakras, face, head,hands,and feet.


Once these are in position Micheal will use his Koshi Chimes, Singing bowls, and hand held Gong over and around your body to clear any energy blockages, All of these instruments will add further layers of calm and relaxation as the session progresses. The final part of the session is taken up with a hands on Reiki treatment with relaxing background music to work on all levels to Repair, Renew, Rebalance and Revitalise you further while the crystals are still in place.Total session time is One and a half hours.
This session fully utilises Micheal's skills and abilities with merging different healing modalities and energies together. .
Other than jackets, coats and shoes it is not necessary to remove any other clothing. Micheal will help make you comfortable on his Chaise Longue sofa and position a blanket around you to keep you warm and comfy. Once the crystals are positioned over the nine chakras, they are checked for their state of balance. Then each chakra is cleansed working from the earth star up to the Sou;l star.

Micheal will start by encouraging you to begin using a modified breathwork, which uses a double breath in,  a short pause, followed by a long slow deep breath out. This together with the eyes closed will alter your brainwaves and take you into the alpha state, as well as removing any stale stagnant negative energy from your body. Crystals charged and activated with Intent  then left to do their healing for around 45 minutes. During this time Micheal will intuitively choose from his singing bowl, Koshi chimes, Ocean drum and hand held Gong to assist the Crystals by clearing blockages and increasing your vibration. Micheal will then channel Reiki into each of your chakras and aura. Finally all the chakras are aligned before Micheal smooths your aura, and then removes the crystals. After a short rest you will offered a drink of water, or a hot herbal tea, over a chat about your treatment, and how you feel. Treatment time is approximately 1 and a half hours.
The cost for each session is £30 or if 3 sessions or more are booked in advance it is £25 per session.
Please note from January 10th the cost of my Crystal therapy will increase to £35, and if booking 2 sessions in advance will be £30 per session.

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