Spring & Autumn Gong baths

The Equinox Gong Baths Are All About Balance

Every six months, once in March and again in September, an Equinox splits Earth's day almost in half, giving us about 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of night. Both astrologically and spiritually, the meaning of the Autumn Equinox hinges completely on Balance. At these special times the Yin (night) and Yang (day)energies are in perfect balance. Michael uses these naturally occurring energies of the Equinox and couples them to the sound vibrations from the Gong to produce a truly unique session with the emphasis firmly on Balance. With the all important Intent that these combined energies will help you achieve a prolonged sense of balance, to your mind, body and spirit, as well as relationships, projects and your career.
The Equinox is also about practising gratitude for what we have already achieved in our lives and clearing the way for a new beginning. Mabon is a modern Pagan ritual marking the Autumn Equinox used to give thanks for a plentiful harvest whilst recognising the need to share the Earth's fruits in the coming winter months. Winter blues for many can start in the Autumn, especially for those who suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Lack of sleep mixed with stress and shorter days can make it hard to lift your mood. The Sound energy, combined with Crystals and Reiki are more than capable of elevating our mood, and Vibrational rate, while dispersing negative energies from our body, putting us in a positive place to cope,manage and enjoy our health and lives more.

The Spring Equinox is fast approaching and tickets for this event are available now.  Click on the Eventbrite image below for up to date information, dates and tickets. 

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