Frequent Questions About My Sound and Gong Baths

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Q/What is your Refund policy, if I am unable to attend the event I have booked?
A/When you book on Eventbrite you have the option to pay straight away or you can choose to pay on the door when you arrive for your event. Either way Eventbrite will email your tickets to you. Once booked if you find that you can no longer attend email Micheal as soon as possible. He will be able to offer you a free transfer to any of his other events, and you will receive your new tickets from Eventbrite. Micheal can also offer you a Refund, but from January 2024 there will be a small cancellation fee of approximately 11% applied by Eventbrite. Previously Micheal has paid the cancellation fees. However If an event has to be cancelled by Micheal due to adverse weather conditions or illness all attendees will be offered a full refund by Eventbrite. 
If you have your own Eventbrite account you may be able to cancel and arrange a transfer to another date or event. Click on the link here to go to Eventbrites help pages.
Q/ I am looking to book a Sound Bath at your Gong Studio at Chase Farm, near Blyth. Do I need to bring anything with me?
A/ No there is nothing you need to bring with you. I have Yoga Mats, blankets, cushions for your head and back, eye shades and either bottled water or filtered water

Q/ Is there anything I need to bring to the Quaker House at Newcastle?
A/ Please bring your Yoga mat, blanket and cushion, and eye shades. Micheal has several Yoga mats, blankets and cushions as well as some eye shades, which are available on a first come basis. The Quaker house has several comfortable high backed chairs for anyone who prefers to sit. Bottled water is available for everyone.  

Q/ Where can I find the full address for your Gong Studio?
A/ The address of my Gong Studio is located on the Chase Farm estate near Blyth, but the ticket Eventbrite will send to your email address when you order your place has the full address and post code on. Please contact me if you need help with the directions. 
Q/ Do l have to order my tickets through Eventbrite?
A/ If you dont have an email address, or have found it difficult to find or do you can text or telephone me and I can manually order your ticket for you, and you can pay using cash or with PayPal or by bank transfer when you arrive.  My number is 07792 694030
A/Q/ Is there car parking available at your Gong Studio?
A/ Yes there will be space on our drive and in front of our house when you arrive.

Q/  What is the minimum age for a person to have a Gong Bath?
A/  Attending on their own it's 18, however teenagers of 16 and 17 years can attend if accompanied by a parent. 

Q/ Is it safe to have a Sound / Gong Bath? 
A/ Crystal, Reiki and Sound healing combined together is generally considered safe for most people, regardless of age or fitness level. However as a precaution they may not be recommended during pregnancy, or those diagnosed with epilepsy, seizures, or some mental health conditions, especially when taking prescribed psychotropic drugs.This also applies to anyone who has a pacemaker or other electrical or mechanical device fitted. For those who wear a hearing it is recommended that these are turned down to avoid any discomfort. For those with any other medical condition and feel concerned please speak to your G.P, Consultant or medical practice before booking your place.My sessions are open to anyone over the age of 18, but teenagers of 16 and over can also attend if accompanied by a parent, and subject to having no contraindications. 

Q/ Is it normal to feel different on my second Gong Bath, and or have a different experience compared to my first Gong Bath?
A/ Yes, it can be different every time and for everyone present, and can be affected by a range of factors including our current energy and vibrational level, and this is completely normal. Once you have experienced a Gong Bath the subsequent sessions you attend tend to be more effective as individuals allow themselves to relax more, and can therefore go more deeply into an altered state.     
Q/ What is an Altered State?
A/ This refers to our brain waves slowing down. Hypnosis, meditation as well as Sound and Gong baths can quickly slow our brain waves from our normal awake state of Beta. As soon as we close our eyes around 70% of the brain starts to close down as there is no information coming into the brain from the optic nerve. With nothing to analyse by the brain it goes into an eco style mode and coupled with breathing slower will take us into the Alpha state.  When we are concentrating, studying, reading, taking exams etc our brainwaves are oscillating at around 15 - 20 Hz. As we relax these slow down and in alpha between 8 - 12 Hz we start to relax, calm down then slowing into theta and Delta the body can initiate healing before we drop off to sleep. 

Q/ What is the difference between a Sound Bath and a Gong Bath?
A/ The term bath refers to being bathed in sound waves. No getting wet. These sound waves produce vibrations. And this vibrational effect will alter your body's vibrations in a positive way. A Gong bath involves a Gong Master or Practitioner who plays a Gong or number of Gongs to produce an altered state. As this happens tension and stress are reduced, calm and relaxation are initiated as well as the bodies ability to heal itself is engaged.
A Sound bath by comparison would include using several instruments, such as Tibetan bells, Tribal and Ocean Drums, Chimes, Rattles, Rain sticks, Didgeridoos, Tambourines, Crystal bowls and Singing Bowls, these sessions could also include chanting, as well as guided meditations, and sometimes the use of a small hand Gong which can be moved around the room. There are also Sound Healing sessions, which again can incorporate many of the instruments mentioned above. A sound Therapist who will specialise in sound healing, specifically for individual clients. These sessions are offered on a one to one basis, where a consultation will take place and the Therapist will engage with the client, and involve them in their healing. 

If you have a question please get in touch and I'll reply directly to you, but I will also publish both your question, and my answer.

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