Hypnotherapy can be used to help with specific conditions of the mind, including tension and stress, anxieties and unwanted addictions e.g. smoking and nail biting. Hypnosis can also help with boosting self confidence, promoting more positivity, letting go of negative aspects such as guilt, frustration, hatred and anger.
Provided the person is committed and willing to make a change then hypnosis can be very effective in helping to bring about the required outcome. It works by harnessing the power of the sub-conscious mind. Michael has practiced hypnosis for almost 25 years and in that time helped hundreds of clients make positive changes to their lives. Some conditions can respond well to a single session where others may need several sessions to see a change. Sessions are recorded for the client to play at home -should they need to- which re-enforces the effectiveness of the suggestions provided.
Michael is a believer in past lives and is happy to provides past life regression for those who are interested in this aspect, whether it be for a specific reason, condition or research purposes, but in either case careful thought is required as to the consequences of suddenly finding we have previous lives, together with all the emotional content that accompanies this.
Aspects to consider are previous relationships, traumas, conflicts etc and for this reason Michael will discuss the advantages  and disadvantages prior to any sessions being carried out, and without any obligation on your part.
Michael can also teach you how to hypnotise yourself, where you can use affirmations and visual positive imagery to help you with confidence building, self esteem, being more positive and  less stressful and more relaxed. Hypnosis is nothing new, in fact it is thousand of years old.
If you would like to discuss hypnosis and hypnotherapy and how it could help you in more detail please call me for a no obligation early consultation. Charges for Hypnosis are; £40 per hour
Initial consultation Free, up to 30 minutes


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