Indian Head Massage

Indian Head massage is one of the most versatile therapies available and still one of the most popular of all therapies. It is also one of my favourite therapies. Apart from the head being used we also work on the neck, shoulders, upper back and face. It can be given on a dinning type chair or on a flat bed massage couch.
Oils or massage cream can be used or not depending on personal choice. And finally the massage can be done in either 30 minutes or an hour on an upright chair, or the full one hour on the couch. On the couch it is as good as a body massage and there are plenty of benefits to go with this therapy whichever option you go for.
Minor aches and pains can be helped, headaches, tension in the mind, tension in the shoulders, neck or back can be helped as well as helping to improve the blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, soothing the nerves, lowering and normalising the blood pressure, promoting a deep and lasting level of calm and relaxation. And when coupled with the traditional chakras balancing that accompanies this, the re-balancing of our bodies energy system and all the benefits that goes with that.
Better than a Gin and Tonic 
C.M Bedlington Northumberland

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