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Micheal's New Moon Gong Bath

                               What To Expect
If you have been to one of my Gong Baths previously I look forward to welcoming you back. If you haven't you will receive a warm welcome. This fabulous session is currently only available at my Gong Studio near Blyth. You are invited onto a very special and magical journey, one that will invoke your inner senses while slowly calming, soothing and balancing your mind and body. Your destination is a place where wellbeing, relaxation and healing abide, a place where altered states of consciousness, plus high vibrational healing energy await you
This Gong Bath utilises the attractive energy of the New Moon. Micheal has a New Moon guide for you with details on how to utilise the other 7 phases of the Moon to help maximise your chosen goal. Moon Phases Mini Poster - Picture 1 of 1
Each phase of the Moon offers us a diferrent energy which we can tap into in order to bring about transformations in our life. The human body is around 70% water which makes it the perfect medium for sound waves and vibration to go through. The Moon has a direct effect on the Earths oceans which cover around 70% of our planet. The combined gravity of our Earth and the Moon creates a phenomena called tidal force which causes our ocean tides to change. It is believed that the gravity of the Moon also has a direct affect on us, depending on its position and phase.
Understanding these lunar phases and the energies associated with each of them can help us to maximise our own mental and emotional energy, as well as harnessing these diferrent energies to our advantage.

The ancient Chinese as well as other cultures taught us that energy follows thought, and like attracts like. Here we are sending out our intentions into the Multiverse, using the attracting energy of the Moon to help us with any transformation you want to make to your life. It takes the Moon approximately 31 days to go around the Earth, and in that time it will go through 8 different phases as well as all of the twelve zodiac signs bringing their individual qualities, and elements into play also.Moon Phases Mini Poster - Picture 1 of 1

The Eight Moon Phases You Will Be Working With

1/ New Moon. The timing of this special Gong Bath begins with the The New Moon itself. It is a remarkably powerful window to begin anything new. Think of it as a blank canvas for you to begin a new project, relationship, career change, in fact anything that you have dreamed of, or want to aspire to. For hundreds of years humans, mostly woman have worked with these Lunar energies to greatly assist their attracting energies. The ancient Chinese taught us that 'like attracts like'. Our thoughts become energy which can be sent out into the universe to attract whatever we want to attract into our lives. This magical time of the New Moon is where we need to know and see in our mind what it is we seek, or desire before writing it down on paper. Then the really powerful stuff begins as we create an Intention of that desire on paper, then visualise it, and post it off into the vast sea of consciousness, which is the Universe. Our intent will set into motion the universal laws of attracting energies, where like attracts like. "I'll believe it when l see it", is a phrase often used by sceptics, but for those who successfully use the lunar and universal energies regularly it is a case of "Ill see it when l believe it". Seeing it, for them is seeing their goal come to life, their project They trust in the universe, and have faith in the laws of attraction. 2/ Waxing Crescent Moon. The previous phase was all about setting out on paper what it is we desire, and sending that Intention out into the universe. Although the universe is capable of doing it all by itself the lunar energies will greatly enhance these abilities even further. This phase is about getting it started, getting things moving, initiating help from others, and together with specific energies of the waxing crescent moon to propel our faith and confidence in our selves and our abilities. 3/ First Quarter Moon. As with any new project, challenges can be thrown up, to test our resolve and commitment. While the lunar energies and universe are still working to deliver our desires. The few days of this phase gives us a chance to consider our options, commitment and confidence in the project without being negative.

4/ Gibbous Moon. Any adjustments or fine tuning needs to be carried out now. The lunar energies are favourable to help us make any changes to our plans, to get us back on track. Where things are running well a little honing wont go amiss. 5/ Full Moon. Success is the key word here for projects under way. And while it may not be the full package we can expect to see some successes. Rest assured there is more to come. This is also a "pay back time" where we need to acknowledge the work that the universe, and the Moon in particular is doing on our behalf, and we need to give thanks and show gratitude, using prayers, meditation or just talking and thanking the moon. It is also a time for forgiveness, both to our selves and others. It is all to easy to get caught up with the enthusiasm, and push ourselves to the limit as well as demanding the max from others. Being kind to ourselves,and others is key here. Forgiving ourselves for things we have or have not done is essential now and the Moons energies will assist greatly here.

6/ Disseminating Moon. The lunar energies will now assist with faith, to help keep us on track, certain in the knowledge that the lunar energies as well as the universe is still busy with our requests. 7/ Third Quarter Moon. Balance in all things, and trust. Stay positive now, trust in the process and allow yourself to relax in the knowledge that those greater universal forces we have initiated are still at work on our behalf.
8/ Balsamic Moon. The Moons final phase before the next New moon begins.Relax in a chair or in your bed and allow the healing lunar energies of this phase to wash over and through your mind and body as you relax or meditate. Soothing and calming, and re-energising. Surrender yourself to the moon and give thanks.


                 Your Journey begins here on Earth                    at my Gong Studio
  • Your Healing Journey Begins at 7pm. Fasten your seat belts and prepare to enjoy the experience. Once you are comfortable and settled Micheal will give a brief introduction and set the intention, and then you can repeat over in your mind your own Intention.
  • As you close your eyes, Micheal will begin playing the koshi Aqua chimes, as he guides you with Deep belly breathing which uses two breaths in and a long deep breath out. This will remove more C02 (Carbon Dioxide) from your body than any other breathing method, together with any any stale stagnant energy that has been trapped in your body. This method is also more effective in lowering stress, anxiety and tension as well as your blood pressure and providing more relaxation for your body.
  • The deep breathing will help slow your brain waves from Beta, to Alpha, while having a direct positive effect on the vagus nerve causing your parasympathetic nervous system to relax the bodies main organs. The Moon crystals you will be holding have been Reikied so you will receive both Crystal and Reiki healing energy for as long as you hold them.
  • Micheal's short guided meditation will be Chi Kungs Inner smile, which will initially send healing energy directly into your lungs and heart, he will then guide you to send your Intent into your heart then smile at your heart again, feeling what it is you desire before writing this down in your mind, then folding it in half and as you rub your moon crystals in your hand. putting it into a post box marked for the attention of the universe. Then a few more deep breaths then you can now relax your mind and go with the flow, or if you prefer you can continue with the deep breathing for as long as you need.
  • Micheal will intuitively begin to play his three Gongs. Your brainwaves will slow further taking you beyond Alpha into Theta and possibly Delta. Now you can focus on and absorb the healing energy from the Gongs flowing through every part of your body, or you can focus on your slow rhythmic breathing, or let your mind wander to some nice positive places, or you can even allow yourself to fall asleep if you want, and you will still receive all the benefits. Many people cycle through each of these. Your body's vibrational rate will have already started to rise, to match the higher vibrations from the Sound, Crystals, and Reiki. As this happens more negative energy in your body will begin to collapse, and fall away and this will initiate your body to begin healing itself.
  • The high vibration helps connect us to the universe, where our already altered states of consciousness become further expanded as well as offering us a Psycho Acoustic gateway to an experience like no other. Your levels of calm and relaxation will increase, plus the soothing of your nervous system, strengthening your immune and energy systems and releasing a host of hormones to make you feel good.
  • As our journey continues profound levels of peace and calmness as well as unconditional absolute love can flow through and around us, reaching right into our heart. Micheal incorporates periods of silence known as "Sandhya" between the sounds, in order to help your mind gradually process and release any negative experiences,and feelings
  • For many time itself can become distorted where the session feels shorter or longer. but eventually it does come to an end, as the Drum and Gongs fall silent. This is not an empty silence however, it is a sacred silence, created by the gong sounds fading away, leaving the Gong Space full of intense profound healing power. Many people find this part of the session the most powerful and Micheal will give you time to absorb this energy as you slowly return to Earth.
  • You have now been Gonged.  Included with the cost of your ticket, and starting from the following evening Micheal will send you a distant Reiki healing session each evening right up to seven days after.
  • Filtered water and herbal teas will be available and if you want you can share your experience, ask questions and even try your hand at the Gongs yourself. 
This session uses all three of my Gongs to totally immerse your body in wave after wave of healing sounds and high vibrations. High Vibrations enter us not only through the ears, but through the entire body. 

Back to my Studio

                         Event Capacity 3  people                     Available each month at Micheal's Gong Studio                                  Cost £15 each                                                                Start Time; 7pm                                                Tickets available on Eventbrite                           Not sure whether to book in advance?               You can book in advance & pay on the door                  And all my events come with a full                                 refund or Transfer Policy
Car parking is available for up to 3 cars, one on our drive and two at the front of our house.

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Although this session is a New Moon event you wont be required to sit outside in our garden, as pleasant and tranquil as it is. Instead the session will take place in Michael's Gong Studio, where the lunar energies will easily reach and benefit us all.

Moon Crystals
As a qualified Crystal healer Michael has carefully selected several crystals, specifically for this New Moon Gong Bath. These crystals are aligned with the moon and will work seamlessly with the lunar energies. These include, Selenite, Moonstone, Clear Quartz and Hematite. These are for you to hold in your hand, and position on and around your body to maximise the lunar, and crystal energy further.
Selenite often referred to as liquid light describes these beautiful crystals perfectly which have appear to radiate a moon beam glow, which embodies the Goddess energy, and helps remove negative energy and help us communicate with our higher selves, and guides. Selenite is said to be a powerful healing crystal that promotes peace and calm, mental clarity, and well-being.
Moonstone crystals & helps us tap into our intuition, & higher self. it incorporates abundance, fertility, inner strength, balance, love, stability & renewal. It can help us support success & good fortune. These crystals can produce an unearthly sheen that appears to move under the stones surface, creating a glimmering fluid, almost hypnotising effect.
Clear quartz offers an abundance of healing powers, & are known as the master healer, offering benefits to the mind , body and spirit. It offers enlightenment, encouragement as well promoting a clear and creative mind. It can strengthen the immune system and detoxify the body and serves as a guiding light for your soul. It has a calming relaxing effect on the mind and body providing us with ample positive energy. More importantly this crystal will co-ordinate and control the other crystals used in this session, with the Intent I have made to pull together the combined energies of the Crystals, Reiki and Sound, with that of the Lunar energy to make this an exceptional transformational session coupled to your Intent.


Hematite crystals look equally as mystical as the moon itself. They can dissolve negativity & help bring balance between the body, mind & spirit, They offer protection by preventing you from absorbing negativity from others while boosting your confidence., courage, strength, endurance and vitality. 

Attracting Lunar Energy

Comfy. Cosy & Chilled out

            Gong Baths To Leave               You Feeling Zen

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No Getting Wet
If you have not experienced a Gong Bath before don’t worry there is no clothes to remove, or ‘getting wet’. The term ‘bath’ relates to you being ‘bathed’ in sound & light waves, and is a very unique experience where it can feel different each time, and also different for everyone present


Therapies Used in this Gong Bath                                           
                             Sound Therapy                                                                Crystal Therapy                                                                Reiki Healing                                                                        Chi Kung

              Instruments used                                  Koshi Air Chimes                                      Three Gongs

  "Closing our eyes and Slowing our breathing          down is a free ticket to an altered state of                                   consciousness"                            (New Scientist May 22 .2021 p. 37)


Practice at Home
 Michael will have handouts to take away and will encourage you to continue using the powerful practises of abdominal belly breathing and Chi Kungs Healing / Inner Smile on a regular basis to help you maintain and improve further your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health and wellbeing, and  Higher Vibration.


My Gong Studio page has general descriptions of all my Sound and Gong Baths, here you will                 find more individual information                   for this Gong Bath


Frequently Asked Questions 

Gong Baths to Leave You      Feeling Zen

Micheal's Gong Rewards
Once you have purchased 6 tickets to my events your next one is Free

 Gong Baths to Leave you      Feeling Zen

Micheal will send everyone a Distant Reiki Healing Session every evening for the next week to help maintain your higher Vibration

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