Micheal's Crystal Reiki Gong Bath at the Quaker House, Gosforth, Newcastle.

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Space4Gongs presents Micheal's premiere event right in the heart of Newcastle.

What To Expect
Come and join Micheal at the Quaker Meeting house, where you can expect a warm welcome, and an abundance of soothing, calming healing energies. This is a Gong bath with a difference. As a Gong and Reiki Master Micheal provides a triune of three vibrational energies, Crystal, Reiki and Sound, all blended together with spiritual Intent to provide you with a Psycho-acoustic experience like no other.
A Gong Bath is a very unique experience where it can feel different each time, and also different for everyone present
Comfy & cosy on a Yoga mat, or in a sleeping bag is the best way to experience a Gong Bath

A warm Welcome awaits you, whether you have been before or it's your first time at one of my Gong Baths, I look forward to welcoming you all.
Gong Baths are synonymous with journeys, and Micheal's Gong Bath will take you on a mystical, magical journey that will invoke your inner senses, while slowly calming, soothing and balancing your mind and body. Your destination is a place where wellbeing, relaxation and healing abide, a place where altered states of consciousness reside, and high vibrational healing energy awaits. All the good things coming your way are of a benevolent nature, full of love, healing and positive intentions.

                   With almost all the benefits associated with meditation,                                                        but with a fraction of the effort on your part

My Crystal Reiki Gong Bath uses three powerful high Vibrational healing modalities in this session. Helping to raise your bodies Vibration where it can start to heal itself, and coupled with some Breathwork will help slow your brainwaves enabling the brain to release several positive chemicals and endorphins, which help lower blood pressure, pulse rate as well as lowering stress and anxiety, and feeling happy and peaceful, as well as promoting a sense of well being and love.

Quartz Crystals are one of the highest Vibrating objects found on Earth. Just by holding them they will begin raising our body's vibration. Reiki energy emanates from the Universe and is intelligent and intuitive.
Using Spiritual Intent Micheal channels Reiki into each of his Quartz crystals before the event, which powers them up, with even more energy prior to being held, as well as acting as a conduit to directly connect everyone to the Reiki source during, and after the event. But by far the most exciting and enjoyable part for most people is being totally immersed in a sea of soothing healing sound waves, from the Gong itself, easily and effortlessly taking us into a meditative state which launches us on our inner journey. Here time itself can become strangely distorted, shortening, or lengthening the time we perceive, which together with the experience can be different every time.
This Triune of Energy from the Crystals, Reiki and Sound are all complementary to each other and work effortlessly and harmoniously to provide you with powerful healing Vibrations.
Your Journey Begins Here 
  • Your Healing Journey begins at 2pm. Fasten your seat belts and prepare to enjoy the experience. Once you are comfortable and settled Micheal will give a brief introduction and set the intention, which you can repeat, or you can choose your own.
  • As you close your eyes, Micheal will begin playing the koshi Aqua chimes, as he guides you with Deep belly breathing which uses two breaths in, a short pause and a long deep breath out. This will remove more C02 (Carbon Dioxide) from your body than any other breathing method, together with any stale stagnant negative energy that has been trapped in your body. This method is also more effective in lowering stress, anxiety and tension as well as your blood pressure and providing more relaxation for your body.
  • With the eyes closed deep breathing will help slow your brain waves from Beta, to Alpha, while having a direct positive effect on the vagus nerve causing your parasympathetic nervous system to relax the bodies main organs.
  • The Quartz crystals you will be holding are one of the highest Vibrating objects found on Earth, Micheal channels Reiki into these crystals before the event so you will receive both Crystal and Reiki healing energy for as long as you hold them, while they also boost your Vibration.
  • Micheal's short guided meditation will be Chi Kungs Healing smile, which will initially send healing energy directly into your lungs and heart, and as a result you are producing higher Vibrational thoughts and feelings with this simple exercise. You can carry on using this for any other organs or areas of your body you want to concentrate on during the session. 
  • After 15 minutes Micheal  will intuitively begin to play the Gong. Slowly and quietly at first, before building in intensity and volume. Your brainwaves will slow further taking you beyond Alpha into Theta and possibly Delta initiating more healing and deeper levels of calm and tranquility as your brain releases several happy positivechemicals and hormones which help elevate our mood, produce feelings of wellbeing, reduce tension and stress as well as helping to lower pain.
  • Now you can focus on and absorb the healing energy from the Gongs flowing through every part of your body, or you can focus on your slow rhythmic breathing, or let your mind wander off on a journey, or you can even allow yourself to fall asleep, and if you do you will still receive all the benefits. Many people cycle through each of these during the Gong Bath.
  • Your body's vibrational rate will have already started to rise, to match the higher vibrations from the breathwork, Sound, Crystals, and Reiki. As this happens more negative energy in your body will begin to collapse, and fall away and this will initiate your body to begin healing itself. The high vibration helps connect us to the universe, where our already altered states of consciousness become further expanded as well as offering us a Psycho Acoustic Gateway to an experience like no other. 
  • Your levels of calm and relaxation will increase, plus the soothing of your nervous system, strengthening your immune and energy systems and releasing a host of hormones to make you feel good.
  • As our journey continues profound levels of peace and calmness as well as unconditional absolute love can flow through and around you, reaching right into your heart.
  • Micheal incorporates periods of silence known as "Sandhya" between the sounds, in order to help your mind gradually process and release any negative experiences,and feelings
  • For many time itself can become distorted where the session can feel shorter or longer, but eventually the magical haunting sounds do come to an end, as the Gong falls silent. This is not an empty silence however, it is a sacred silence, created by the Gong sounds fading away, leaving the Gong Space full of intense profound healing power. Many people find this part of the session the most powerful and Micheal will give you time to absorb this energy as you slowly return from your journey.
  • You have now been Gonged. 
  • Included with the cost of your ticket, and starting from the following evening Micheal will send you a distant Reiki healing session each evening right up to seven days after.
  • The Gongs
 When a Gong is revved up a Plasma field expands around the Gong & into the participants, who become electromagnetically charged in a positive, benevolent and holistic fashion. Many walk away with a natural buzz that in some cases can last for a week. 
Gongs are one of the oldest and most powerful therapeutic and transformational instruments in this world. 
The late theoretical physicist "David Bohm" discovered that when a Gong is played, the metal becomes “excited”, and the electrons become highly charged electromagnetically, forming a huge plasma field to be created off the Gong and both the player and listener becomes part of that field. When the vibrational activity of the Gong ends, the electrons ‘go back’ to their original atoms, and once the Gong comes to rest the energy field collapses. When the Gong is revved up again the Plasma field expands and intensifies. Thus from a scientific point the participants of the event are being electromagnetically charged in a positive, benevolent and holistic fashion. Many walk away with a natural buzz that in some case has lasted for a week. Metal is the only material known where the electrons leave their atoms and join other atoms
The Gongs have a tremendous potential for healing and rejuvenation, and are played with a variety of mallets, and styles of play to overly avoid a monotonous rhythm. Each Gong is capable of producing not only beautiful tones, but complex rich overtones. These haunting magical sounds from the gong can quickly entrain our brainwaves to slow down from the normal waking "Beta state" into the lower "Alpha" and "Theta" states and for many the journey will take them even deeper into the "Delta". state.
Gong masters like Micheal will play their instruments intuitively, being guided from their higher selves and, beyond. 

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This event repeats on the last Sunday of each Sunday (except December)
Doors open at 1.30pm for a prompt 2pm start and  concludes at 3.15pm
Event run time One hour 15 minutes

There are 20 tickets for each event, at the Quaker House.

 All Tickets are £15 each. Click below

If you experience any problems booking your tickets on Eventbrite please contact me & I can order them manually for you. You can then pay when you arrive using Cheque, PayPal, or Cash.

The Venue
Located on the first floor. This beautiful building is the perfect venue, offering a calming spiritual feel, perfect for my Gong healing sessions.
   Staff at the house will be on hand to let          you in and out. The venue has disabled               access and a lift as well as toilets                                       on both floors.
There is a small car park at the rear of the building, as well as at Trinity Church

    If you're travelling by public transport         there is Metro & buses on the High street

Age Limits

Gong Baths are open to anyone over 18 years.Teenagers are welcome to attend, where accompanied by a parent

Reiki is a Spiritual Energy that Vibrates Love, Harmony and Healing 

What do I need to bring?

The room is heated and carpeted, but warm loose fitting clothes are recommended. Try     to avoid large meals and alcohol prior to                                your Gong Bath.                            A Yoga mat, or sleeping bag, cushion for your head, a blanket to keep you warm & toasty & some eye shades are all  recommended. Micheal has several Yoga mats & cushions available on a first come basis.

If you prefer to sit the venue has several comfortable high backed chairs which you can request.

Bottled water is supplied free of charge

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Refund Policy

If you book and then find you can't attend, email me and i'll offer you a free transfer to another even right up to the day before the event. Refunds are still available but from January 2024 Eventbrite will charge a cancellation fee.

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Reiki Energy

Crystal Energy

Even before Micheal starts playing the Gong, as you close your eyes, start breathing more deeply & using Chi Kung's Inner smile initiate the slowing down of our brainwaves. Taking us into an Altered State of consciousness.

"Slowing our breathing down is a free ticket to an altered state of consciousness" (New Scientist May 22 .2021 p. 37)

Below. Micheal's Selenite Crystal Towers are used in all his events to transmit & send Reiki to everyone present in the Gong Space

Below. Clear & Rose Quartz which he uses to focus & send you Reiki

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Contact Micheal
07792 694030 space4gongs@gmail.com

Any Questions, please dont hesitate to contact me by email, text or phone

Micheal Fothergill's


Slowing the Brainwaves prompts the brain to release numerous Happy Hormones  

It's all about Vibration

Love is one of the highest Vibrations 

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Learn How To Maintain a High Vibration with Micheal 's two and a half hour workshop at his Gong Studio at Chase Farm near Blyth.

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