Micheal's Ocean Surf Sound Bath - Spirit of the Sea

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What To Expect
If you have been to one of my Gong Baths previously I look forward to welcoming you back. If you haven't you will receive a warm welcome. This fabulous session is currently only available at my Gong Studio at Chase Farm.
You are invited onto a very special and magical journey, one that will invoke your inner senses while slowly calming, soothing and balancing your mind and body. Your destination is a place where wellbeing, relaxation and healing abide, a place where altered states of consciousness, plus high vibrational healing energy await you.
With almost all the benefits associated with meditation, but with a fraction of the effort, in fact the only effort is a diferrent method of breathing, where for the first few minutes we use a double breath in, followed by a short pause before a long slow deep breath out. After a few minutes Micheal will introduce you to Chi Kung's inner smile for several minutes, both of these will help raise your vibration and initiate the slowing of your brainwaves. Using your inner senses Micheal will take you on a journey across the sand dunes, where a warm golden beach stretching out towards a blue ocean awaits. As you walk along the seaside, Micheal will guide your senses to take in more and more colours, then the familiar fresh smells of the seaweed and salty water, while the  sounds of the surf crash onto the beach and rock in front of you, gently at first before Micheal increases the tempo and volume. His ocean drum faithfully replicates the sound of the sea, as it washes through your body producing a cleansing effect to remove negative energy, while at the same time soothing and calming your mind. After During this guided meditation you can switch to a seaside holiday anywhere in the world and just replay it, you can continue with the deep breathing, the inner smile or just take a back seat and go with the flow, you can even let yourself fall asleep, and still receive the benefits. After some 15 minutes the Ocean Drum gives way to Micheal's powerful Gongs which will further raise your vibration while lowering your brainwaves taking into further altered states to expand your awareness and consciousness into the universe itself.
A musical Extravaganza of Sound, with Koshi Chimes, Ocean Drum and 3 Gongs
Please try to avoid a large meal, and any alcohol prior to arriving. It is quite normal for your body temperature to drop during a Sound Bath, or any energy work, and warm loose fitting clothes, and socks are recommended, especially on cold days. Micheal has Yoga mats for those who requested them, cushions for your head, and back (should you need them), and plenty of blankets to keep you warm and toasty during the session. Please feel free to bring your own blanket and cushion if you prefer.

Your Journey begins here at my Gong Studio
  • Your Healing Journey Begins at 7pm. Fasten your seat belts and prepare to enjoy the experience. Once you are comfortable and settled Micheal will give a brief introduction and set the intention, which you can repeat, or you can choose your own.
  • As you close your eyes, Micheal will begin playing the koshi Aqua chimes, as he guides you with Deep belly breathing which uses two breaths in and a long deep breath out. This will remove more C02 (Carbon Dioxide) from your body than any other breathing method, together with any any stale stagnant energy that has been trapped in your body. This method is also more effective in lowering stress, anxiety and tension as well as your blood pressure and providing more relaxation for your body.
  • The deep breathing will help slow your brain waves from Beta, to Alpha, while having a direct positive effect on the vagus nerve causing your parasympathetic nervous system to relax the bodies main organs.
  • The crystals you will be holding have been Reikied so you will receive both Crystal and Reiki healing energy for as long as you hold them.
  • Micheal's short guided meditation will be Chi Kungs Inner smile, which will initially send healing energy directly into your lungs and heart, but you are free to carry on using this for any other organs or areas of your body you want to concentrate on.
  • The guided Seascape meditation follows next as Micheal plays the Ocean Drum, quietly at first. For the next 10 minutes you will be guided towards and then over the raising sand dunes, with the dark blue sea and sky stretching as far as the eye can see. (Dont worry if you vat visualise we will be using several of our senses). Micheal will repeat some positive suggestions for you to repeat as you walk along the waters edge all the while the intensity of the waves increases. Your brainwaves slowed, the Ocean drum will cleanse and wash away any negativity and energy blockages, while calming and soothing your inner senses.
  • After 15 minutes Micheal  will intuitively begin to play the three Gongs. Your brainwaves will slow further taking you beyond Alpha into Theta and possibly Delta.
  • Now you can focus on and absorb the healing energy from the Gongs flowing through every part of your body, or you can focus on your slow rhythmic breathing, or let your mind wander to some nice positive places, or you can even allow yourself to fall asleep if you want, and you will still receive all the benefits. Many people cycle through each of these.
  • Your body's vibrational rate will have already started to rise, to match the higher vibrations from the Sound, Crystals, and Reiki. As this happens more negative energy in your body will begin to collapse, and fall away and this will initiate your body to begin healing itself. The high vibration helps connect us to the universe, where our already altered states of consciousness become further expanded as well as offering us a Psycho Acoustic gateway to an experience like no other. 
  • Your levels of calm and relaxation will increase, plus the soothing of your nervous system, strengthening your immune and energy systems and releasing a host of hormones to make you feel good.
  • As our journey continues profound levels of peace and calmness as well as unconditional absolute love can flow through and around us, reaching right into our heart.
  • Micheal incorporates periods of silence known as "Sandhya" between the sounds, in order to help your mind gradually process and release any negative experiences,and feelings
  • For many time itself can become distorted where the session feels shorter or longer. but eventually it does come to an end, as the Drum and Gongs fall silent. ---- This is not an empty silence however, it is a sacred silence, created by the gong sounds fading away, leaving the Gong Space full of intense profound healing power. Many people find this part of the session the most powerful and Micheal will give you time to absorb this energy as you slowly return to Earth.
  • You have now been Gonged. 
  • Included with the cost of your ticket, and starting from the following evening Micheal will send you a distant Reiki healing session each evening right up to seven days after.
This session uses all three of my Gongs to totally immerse your body in wave after wave of healing sounds and high vibrations, while the Ocean Drum produces a cleansing action to wash away negative energy and blockages, while calming and soothing your inner senses. High Vibrations enter us not only through the ears, but through the entire body. 
As energy blockages are removed,your energy improved and your vibrational rate increased, all help your body initiate its own healing, right down to the cellular level. Micheal will offer you a bottle of water, filtered water or a hot herbal tea and biscuits
He will also answer any questions you have, and  encourage you to share your experience, only if you would like to.
Please feel free to take photos for your scrapbook or social media account, and you can also try your hand at playing the Ocean Drum or Gong, or just sit back and relax before heading off home
Micheal will have leaflets and handouts for you to take away and will encourage you to continue using the powerful practises of abdominal belly breathing and Inner Smile on a regular basis to help you improve your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health and wellbeing.

Spirit of the Sea

If you Love the seaside you'll  Love this event

           Sound Baths to Leave               You Feeling Zen

My Gong Studio page has general descriptions of all my Sound and Gong Baths, here you will find more individual information for the Ocean Surf Sound Bath

This event is open to anyone over 18, but teenagers over 16 can attend where accompanied by a parent.
Click here for contraindications

Event capacity, 3 people
3 different ticket options
Chaise Longue Sofa,Yoga Mat, Reclined Chair
All tickets are £15 each
Free transfers are available right up to the day before the event 
This Sound Bath repeats every week on a Thursday evening starting at 7pm

For Dates & Tickets click below

Energies Used
Sound Energy (Ocean Drum)
Crystal Energy
Sound Energy (Gongs)

Reiki Energy


Sound Baths to Leave You  Feeling Zen


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Handouts on the Deep belly breathing and Chi Kungs Inner Smile are available for you

Above. Micheal's Selenite Crystal Towers are used in all his events to transmit & send Reiki to everyone present in the Gong Space


"Slowing our breathing down is a free ticket to an altered state of consciousness" (New Scientist May 22 .2021 p. 37)

Micheal will send everyone a Distant Reiki Healing session each evening for seven days

High vibrations from the Gongs enter your body not only through the ears, but through your entire body


Micheal's Gong Rewards
Once you have purchased 6 tickets to my events your next one is Free


The Ocean Drum is a relatively new concept in percussion. Its Origins date back to the Native American Indians, where water was used, as opposed to metal ball bearings in modern ones.