Micheal's Pop Up Gong Bath

Do you run a health spa, or a Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi or Qigong centre or studio?.
Have you considered incorporating a Sound or Gong Bath for your students. This could be a perfect accompaniment, and greatly complement and enhance your therapy base and event
Do you run day, weekend or weekly retreats for meditation or wellness?
This could be a perfect accompaniment to your retreat, and at the same time providing many wellbeing benefits with various levels of effort or interaction required on behalf of the attendees. 

If you are a Charity and looking to organise a guest speaker for a talk and demonstration I would love to hear from you.reward your carers and staff?.
I work with several charities such as Ashington Stroke Club and Healthwise, a woman's organisation based in Cramlington, Northumberland. I am available for talks and demonstrations not just with Gong and Sound baths but also Reiki, Crystal therapy, Qigong (both external and internal) which l can modify and adapt for your group, Hand Reflexology, Meditation, Breathwork and Indian head massage.

Continued Professional Development?
Do you arrange different therapists, and taster sessions for your local area therapy group? CPD (continued professional development), is a requirement of all therapy based professional associations.  I can provide bespoke sessions to fulfill your association's CPD requirements, while making it interesting, absorbing and relevant for your group.  

Are you an employer, looking to reward your staff with a wellbeing session?,
A Sound or Gong bath may be a perfect fit for your requirements, as it offers lots of health benefits including de-stressing, lowering blood pressure, calming the mind and releasing a host of positive health boosting hormones and chemicals which help make us feel good. At the same time it demonstrates your companion's commitment to its staff by providing a stress management system that can intergrate easily with your staff, while requiring minimal effort or interaction from them to achieve all of the benefits. 

Do  you host Spiritualist workshops?
Sound and Gong baths are well known for their spiritual connections and are perfect for certain Eastern based religions such as Hare Krishna, Buddhist groups and even Meditation groups, as well as any group offering spiritual awakening sessions. Anyone who practices Reiki or spiritual healing and wants to increase their connection with the universe will find these sessions invaluable.  

Are you looking for a Reiki Master Teacher to run a First or Second Degree Reiki course in your area, either here in the UK or abroad?
As a UK Reiki Federation Master Teacher I have travelled the length of the country over the last 15 years to places like Surrey and Portsmouth to provide Reiki courses for groups of up to 8 students.These can be complemented with a Sound or Gong bath to initiate and deepen the students connection with the Universe and Creator. I can offer bespoke training for either Reiki or Gong baths or indeed both at your event, be it a Day, mid week, weekend or week long retreat. If you have the students and can offer me free accommodation (basic bed and breakfast) I am happy to negotiate a reasonable and sensible price for your group. 

Two of my students at Portsmouth

If you have answered yes to any of the above I would love to hear from you. If you would like to learn more, please email me at the address below fro a quick initial response. 



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