Reflexology is another ancient therapy going back almost 5000 years. It has remained one of the most popular therapies of all time. Michael trained in both hand and foot reflexology with the later being the most sought after. 
One interesting aspect is that every part of the body can be found on the foot, and by stimulating those areas on the foot it causes a reaction in the corresponding body part and that reaction is one of relaxation.
A typical treatment involves going over the whole foot and thus stimulating the whole body using a compression tractor movement or what Reflexologists call 'thumb walking'. Another interesting aspect is that if a client had a headache the corresponding part of the foot or hand will feel different or even painful when pressure is exerted on it, making it a very effective diagnostic tool for Reflexologists, 
Clients can choose between an upright reclined chair or flat bed couch for their reflexology which takes approximately one hour, to work systematically over both feet.

Charges for Reflexology £30 per session at my home, or £40 for a home visit to you. 

Click here to watch a short video on Reflexology

Thank you Michael for my free reflexology treatment courtesy of my winning raffle ticket. I am so pleased I bought that ticket. I feel so much better already and can't wait for my next paying treatment with you.
D.S  North Shields


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