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My Reiki Level One is now an on Demand Course where you can start anytime during the year on a Wednesday evening. It runs from 6.15 to 8.45 pm for 4 consecutive weeks. Once I have your completed application form I'll offer you a choice of 3 start dates and that's it, your Reiki journey is ready to start. There are 10 hours of contact teaching, &and 6 hours of directed home study covering the theory and practice of Reiki to complete and hand in before the end of the course. 

Reiki First Degree (Level One)

Question/  Who can learn Reiki?  Answer/ Almost anyone can learn Reiki, it is not a psychic gift, or ability that is passed down through our genes, but rather it is through an attunement from a Reiki Master which opens us up to this amazing healing energy.
No knowledge or practice of other therapies, or anatomy and physiology is necessary, nor are any formal qualifications required.
Reiki healers come from all backgrounds, some of my previous students have included car salesmen, power station workers, insurance agents, taxi drivers, teachers, civil servants, therapists, counsellors, factory workers, carers, driving instructors, window cleaners, lecturers, and tutors, butchers, and shop assistants to name but a few.
So now you know what you don't need, but what about what you do. Well caring individuals with a measure of common sense, who are open-minded and have a genuine desire to help others will be ideal candidates. 
Reiki is a universal or spiritual energy, that is intelligent, compassionate, loving, and intuitive, it knows exactly where to go and what is needed. Science would tell us that if we can see or feel something, it must surely exist, but it is difficult for scientists to accept this when they can't see or feel this energy. However tens of thousands of people from all around the world have Reiki regularly, and with lots of benefits, as well as the thousands of Reiki practitioners who use it daily can see, and feel for themselves that it does exist and that Reiki energy is all around us and freely available for us to use for healing ourselves and others. The UK Reiki Federation website has a section on research where you can read how Reiki has been used and the effects are measured and validated.
At some point in the future when Science discovers where the universes dark matter, and dark energy is located, which together amounts to a staggering 70% of the universe, perhaps they will also find the healing, loving high vibrational energy which we call Reiki. 
Once attuned to the Reiki energy you are free to use it in the pursuit of helping yourself and our fellow humans, whether that be to ease their stress, dissolve negative energy, ease anxieties, reduce pain and suffering, lifting our moods,and all the while bringing more love, calm and happiness into our lives. Being Reikied puts us in a better position where we are able to cope with life's ups and downs. And in the process of using it on others, it first goes through the Reiki healer, providing us with the same benefits. Not many therapies can provide that.

Above. Reiki can help slow the brainwaves helping the brain to release Happy Positive Hormones

People are drawn to learn Reiki for a variety of reasons, for many it could be that they have had a certain problem or issue, and having tried Reiki and after seeing and feeling the many benefits it can provide, became so impressed that they in turn are drawn to learn it themselves. For others the fact that it is one of the easiest healing systems to learn and use is equally compelling.
My courses are traditional and of short duration compared to the new NVQ courses which are considerably longer, where students have to commit to several months of training, building a portfolio of evidence demonstrating their competence in all aspects of the theory and practice, with several practical  assessments, and  assignments plus case work on family and friends all documented and cross referenced.  Reiki is a simple therapy to both learn and practice, and for this reason I have chosen not to offer these extended courses either for the First or Second degree.
Certainly if your looking to find employment within the NHS working in G.P surgeries or hospitals, or in private medicine facilities, I would recommend this route as you will need the extended qualifications, to enable you to join the appropriate regulator.
However for working on family and friends, and later with a Level Two certificate as a self employed Reiki practitioner (such as myself) on paying clients you will be able to obtain insurance cover such as Balens Professional Insurance as well as join many of the Professional Associations including the UK Reiki Federation (UKRF). With my courses you wont be able to join the therapy regulator but until any new legislation comes in you wont have to.   
The UKRF has a range of memberships, all of which are optional, and at Level One their student membership at just £35 for a full year represents great value with lots of benefits such as regular Reiki shares via zoom, publications, local area groups for you to join, and a very informative members only area on their website.  Whichever school you go with for your training I would thoroughly recommend that you consider joining, and I am confident that the majority of Master Teachers would join me in this recommendation also.
Below, Just some of the different memberships the UK Reiki Federation offers. I have a page with lots more information see below.
Click here to find out more
The UK Reiki Federation Guide To Choosing A Reiki Teacher and Level One Course
Before you commit to a particular course I would recommend that you do a little research, on my course and others. To help you in this research I have listed the main questions that the UK Reiki Federation recommends you should have on your list. I have answered each of these questions  myself regarding myself as a Reiki Teacher and on my own Level One course.
Reiki Master Teachers such as myself can be likened to driving instructors. We both help you through the basics, then advance your skills, confidence, your theoretical knowledge, and your ability to pass your test.
Teachers from both these disciplines are as different and unique as you are yourself. Some will offer,weekend training, some will offer one day workshops, some will provide the theory in with the contact teaching, while others like myself offer 4 evening workshops with a distant learning assignment. Which format do you prefer? Which is best?
It comes down to what is going to fit in with your busy lifestyle, the time you have available, the commitments and constraints you have. The format of my courses are not going to suit everyone. Why do I offer 4 separate workshops when I could deliver the whole course in a single day? Well the underlying reason for this particular format is I get to see the students for a longer period, where I can monitor and support them more as they progress with their Reiki journey over the 4 weeks of their course.
1/ How long has Micheal been a Reiki Master Teacher?  
Micheal took his First Degree in Jan 2001        Reiki Second Degree in Feb 2003                     Reiki Master in July 2003                                      Reiki Master Teacher in July 2004 All my certificates are available view at any time.
2/ What days are used for the course?, Wednesday Evening from 6.15 to 8.45 pm
3/ Number of workshops?, 4 workshops
4/ Number of contact teaching hours?  10 hours
5/ Is the theory covered in class or as distant learning?,   
Distant Leaning
6/ If it is distant learning how many hours will it take to complete? 
This will vary from person to person but a minimum of 12 hours and a maximum of 20 hours of reading & completing your assignment should be allowed
7/ When is my assignment handed in?          On the third session 
8/ Can it be hand written or typed on a computer?  Either hand written or printed
9/ Is a text book or manual supplied?  Text book
10/ How many students are there on each course?  Minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 
11/ Are there any additional hours required to be put in?  Apart from those specified no, but you can choose to do more if you have the time.
12/ Do you have to do case studies (i.e. treatments), and if so how many?      No
13/ Will I be insured?     No 
14/ How long has Micheal been teaching Reiki? 21 years
15/ Where are their classes held and is there parking nearby? 
At my Gong Studio at Chase Farm, near Blyth, South East Northumberland. I shall send our full address once you are enrolled. There is car parking on our drive and at the front of our house.
16/ Is Micheal a member of a professional Reiki organisation, if so which one? 
Micheal is a UK Reiki Federation Master Teacher. To join the UKRF all Master Teachers must be qualified and insured and the UKRF holds copies of all academic, and  professional qualifications as well as current insurance documents. Anyone interested in my courses and students are more than welcome to view Micheals qualifications and insurance documents at any time. 
17/ Is Micheal insured to practice and qualified to teach?
Yes Micheal is fully insured for all his therapies and to teach with Balens Professional Insurance. In 2010 he graduated with a BA in Education and Learning from Sunderland University, he is a City and Guilds qualified Assessor, and has a level 3 Diploma in health, safety  and employment standards as well as a level 4 qualification in conducting internal quality assurance. 
18/ Are there any things which I will need to purchase prior to the course?    No
19/ What are the requirements if any, for certification at the end of the course?
Once you have had your attunement, attended all 4 workshops, and successfully completed the assignment Micheal will present you with your First Degree Certificate, 
20/ What style of Reiki does Micheal teach? 
Usui Reiki Ryoho Tradition of Natural Healing
21/ What is the cost of the Course? 
Total costs including tuition fees, marking fees, text book, and Certificate is; £30 Deposit and a balance of £100 Total Course Fees £130 
After you research and compare my course with others, you may find you need further information, or have some questions for me before committing yourself. Please feel free to contact me by email, with any questions you may have. You are very welcome to pop in for an informal chat, over a coffee or herbal tea, i'll even get the good biscuits out, and you can ask as many questions as you need. Again, email me first to arrange an early date for an informal chat..
        On Going Support
There comes a time when we all can benefit from clarification on a certain subject and this applies to learning any new skill, and while Reiki is easy to learn that doesn't mean everyone will grasp its many fascinating facets immediately.  Students can draw comfort in the knowledge that help and support is always available, even when your course finishes, Whether it's one week after, or one year after your course, and there is no limit to the visits you can have and best of all I do not charge for these support sessions.
In addition to on-going support by phone, email you are always welcome to pop in for a chat on an evening or day I'm free. I'm always keen to hear how my students are doing, and we can enjoy a catch up, ask answer questions on any subject related to Reiki, over a herbal tea and biscuits.  
As l have talked about above I thoroughly recommend all students to join the UK Reiki Federation, which offers a full range of services and resources to help keep you in touch and informed on all aspects of Reiki.  Click here for more information
I also offer Refresher courses for those who have not practised for a while and have maybe become a little rusty with the techniques.
Michael is a member of the UK Reiki Federation, and you can join as an associate or student, either before or after you complete your course. The benefits include; May attend events organised by the UK Reiki Federation
Reiki shares available each month via zoom, Access to local area Reiki shares, members only information Receive members only magazine as well as a wealth of information and resources on their web site.

Reiki Level One Application Form

My First Degree Course
This Level One in Reiki will give you all the tools you need to start using this fantastic healing energy straight away on yourself, as well as friends and family, and if you have any pets you can use it on them also.
Not only is it a fantastic healing system, but It will also propel you on your spiritual journey. This once per week course is spread over 4 weeks on a Wednesday evening 6.15 to 8.45 pm
Course Fees. £30 Deposit and the balance of £100 payable on the first evening of the course.                         Course capacity; Maximum of 3 students                                                 Course Venue; Micheal's Gong Studio, Chase Farm. Blyth                                                                                        

Session One; 
Welcome and introductions
Course overview Distance learning module, we will discuss the requirements for this module Discuss your assignment, using your textbook, and study guide, to help you complete, and hand it in by session 3. 
We will cover some practical things in this session as well, such as preparing ourselves for connecting to the source and initiating the Reiki healing. Preparing our work space and looking and starting various practices of meditation which act as a catalyst to launch us on our spiritual development path. 

 Session Two;  
Micheal will attune all the students (maximum of 3) on this session. You will be given the first symbol the Cho Ku Rei or power symbol. While it is not traditional to give students this symbol at the First degree it is something l have carried on from my training with my Reiki masters. As well as the power symbol
Micheal will also introduce you to a second non Reiki symbol the ancient Egyptian Anthkarana which has many benefits and will work seamlessly with all the other Reiki symbols and is excellent for your spiritual advancement. After the attunements Micheal will show you how these can be used.
We will practice self healing on ourselves which will continue as a daily practice for at least 21 days to help your body readjust to your higher vibration at the physical level.

  Session Three; 
Hand in your theory assignment for marking and feedback. Review course work and progress. We will now start working on each other, using the palms over the chakras, meridians and aura. You will use your symbols to enhance your practice and we will discuss Intent and intuition and how these can developed and incorporated into your healing and spiritual development.

Session Four;
Final Session, Review of what you have learned so far. Marked assignments given back to students. Practice on each other using the palms, and breath. We will cover all the healing techniques again and 'polish' and tweak our practice.
We will conclude the session with the presentation of your certificate and lineage. Micheal will arrange with you all to attend an informal session (free) in a few weeks to check your progress,  

Your Distance learning Module
This includes questions about what Reiki is and where it comes from. A brief history and how it works. A brief overview of the body's energy system including the Chakras, Meridians, and Aura. What is the Attunement process and how it changes us. The Reiki preceps or principles. Reiki and Intent. Daily exercise to maintain your Vibration. The first symbol, the Cho Ka Ray, and the non Reiki symbol the Antahkarana what they are and what they both do. Self treatments and the 30 day healing period. Affirmations and how to use them. Your Spiritual Development.
During the classes Micheal will discuss what  contraindications are. How to use Reiki on friends and family, including children and pets. And using techniques to develop your intuition.
Micheal will discuss with you that Reiki can be likened to a two sided coin, on the one side It is a healing system that is both intuitive and intelligent, and on the other side an a powerful and simple spiritual development system that can open us up to our higher selves, and beyond. In the West many people are attracted by its simple and effective methodology.

  How do I enrol on to this course? 
  1/ Complete the application form at the bottom of the page, giving the start date you would prefer, then click the Submit button. 
2/ Micheal will email you back and confirm you have a place and confirm your start date, and ask you to pay your Course Deposit of £30 using the PayPal link below. The balance of £100 can be paid on your first Wednesday using cash cheque or PayPal. 

Please use the PayPal picture link below to pay your £50 Deposit. You can use PayPal or your credit card on PayPal's Secure checkout. The balance of £80 can be paid on the first session of your course using cash, cheque or PayPal.

Healing doesn't come any easier than Reiki. In fact it remains one of the simplest therapies to learn and to practice.

Reiki Energy comes from the Creator of all things and emanates one of the highest Vibrations, --- Love

Most students find it reassuring to have basic hand positions to follow, and it makes it easier to learn the chakra positions. As you progress you will be encouraged to use your intuition and modify the routine or 'go with the flow' and this will become stronger over time. It has to be said that some students prefer a structured routine and will stick with the hand positions for many years, and this is perfectly acceptable should you wish to do this.
On the successful completion of your course you will be awarded the;
Fothergill Therapy Reiki 4 U Level One Certificate. This certificate confirms that you have received instruction and Reiju Empowerments and have satisfied the requirements of the “First Degree” of Reiki.

 In Peace Light and Love. 
 Micheal Fothergill BA                                 UK Reiki Federation Master Teacher

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