Reiki Refresher Course

This Refresher course is for any Reiki student regardless of level, and who has not practised for a while, or perhaps lost a little confidence, or even feel their connection has faded. This 3 hour course is perfect to get you back in the saddle and practising again. These courses cover; Reiki hand positions Chakra review The Precepts, their meaning and application Review of the symbols, drawing, meaning, and application Review of practical training appropriate to your level working on each other to build your confidence

This course is available either on a Monday or Wednesday evening from 6 pm to 9 pm. These are individual sessions aimed at getting non practising Reiki students practising again. Michael will concentrate on key areas of your prior training as well as areas you feel have slipped away. By the end of the session you will feel confident that you can once again give a first rate Reiki session, whether its a friend, family member or a paying client.
The course fee is £50 for a three hour course, and can be paid when you arrive for your course.
The venue is Micheal's Gong Studio near Blyth, in South East Northumberland.

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