Midsummer Solstice Gong Bath

The Midsummer Solstice Gong Bath symbolises the celebration of fire and light. Set Intentions to reflect ,release and let go. 
Please Join Me On Thursday 20th June 2024

Full details for this event will be published before the end of May with tickets available on Eventbrite from 1st June 2024


Michael's Mid Winter Gong Bath - Return To Light

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Michael's Gong baths provide a triune of three High Vibrational Energies, Sound, Crystal,and Reiki, all mingled together with spiritual Intent to provide you with a psycho-acoustic experience like no other. Sound therapy has the ability to raise our bodies vibration, slow our brainwaves taking us into a range of altered states of consciousness, and stimulating the vegas nerve. (full details of all the benefits are available on my web site at; www.space4gongs.uk
In the midst of the darkest and coldest months of the year, this special event carries the energy of a new beginning, as it heralds in the Return to light. As the days begin to get longer and the sun shines brighter, this solstice also offers increased faith, hope and positivity to our lives to maximise new beginnings.
This event also includes 7 Days of Distant Crystal Reiki healing sessions starting the following day for no extra cost.
Please dont miss out there is only 3 tickets for this event.

Happy Mid Winter Solstice

What should I Expect During a Session?
If you have not experienced a Gong Bath before don’t worry there is no swimming, or ‘getting wet’. The term ‘Bath’ relates to you being ‘bathed’ in sound waves.
Gong Baths are synonymous with inner serenity, they create a space where calm and relaxation abound, and they are often described to as a journey. A journey where your body is re-booted, re-calibrated and cleansed as the vibrations create a sonic massage for every one of your bodies 37 trillion cells,and where the healing qualities are fully absorbed, some more than others, depending upon the pitch of the gong. As the journey continues each of us will experience the transformational abilities of the Gong and Reiki being received and assimilated into our energy system. These events offer a very unique experience
All the good things coming your way is of a benevolent nature, full of love, healing and positive intentions. Many find that time itself can become strangely distorted during their journey which can feel different each time, and also different for everyone present, but eventually the session comes to an end, and we are returned to an intrinsic state of homeostasis, or optimal state of functioning. It is quite normal for our body temperature to drop during a sound bath as our energy is rebalanced and realigned.
Loose warm clothing is recommended, but the studio has ample blankets, cushions & back supports available to keep you comfortable and toasty warm even during the cold Solstice evening.
What will I need do do when you start?
Once you are comfortable and settled Micheal will give a brief introduction and set the intention, which you can repeat, or you can add your own. Then as he plays the Koshi chimes he will ask you to close your eyes and start taking long deep double breaths in, a short pause before a long slow breath out while pulling the tummy muscles in. This offers many benefits for the body. We will continue this for several minutes, then add a short guided meditation using Chi Kung's Inner smile for a few minutes to add even further benefits, and prepare the body for the higher vibrations from the Gongs.
Micheal uses three Gongs for this session, each creating its own unique palate of sounds with rich haunting overtones that will resonate with your soul. During the Gong bath you can continue using deep breathing, and or the inner smile for as long as you wish, or you can focus on the intent, or just switch off and let your mind go with the flow, or even let yourself fall into a gentle slumber, in the knowledge that your body will absorb all the healing, calming energies, not just through your ears but through every part of your body.
"Slowing our breathing down is a free ticket to an altered state of consciousness" (New Scientist May 22 .2021 p. 37

Your Healing Journey Begins Here.
The double belly breathing will remove any stale stagnant energy that has been trapped in your body & help you relax, slow your heat rate and help reduce your blood pressure.Handouts are available describing this in further detail.
The eyes closed, coupled to the deep belly breathing will help slow your brain waves from Beta, to Alpha, while having a direct positive effect on the Vagus nerve causing your parasympathetic nervous system to relax the bodies main organs.
The crystals you will be holding have been Reikied so you will receive both Crystal and Reiki healing energy for as long as you hold them.
Micheal's guided meditation will be Chi Kungs Inner smile, which will initially send healing energy directly into your lungs and heart, but you are free to carry on using this for any other organs or areas of your body you want to concentrate on. There are handouts available describing this further.
As the Gong begins your brainwaves will slow further taking you beyond Alpha into Theta and even into Delta. This will initiate your brain to release several happy hormones into your body, to reduce tension and stress, lower blood pressure and pulse rate, reduce pain and help produce happy feelings and thoughts.
Now you can focus on healing energy from the gong flowing through your body,or you can focus on your slow rhythmic breathing, continue with the inner smile, or let your mind wander to some nice positive places, or you can even allow yourself to fall asleep if you want, and you will still receive all the benefits.Many people cycle through each of these
Your bodies vibrational rate will begin to rise, to match the higher vibrations from the Sound, Crystals, and Reiki. As this happens any harmful negative energy in your body will begin to collapse, and fall away and this will initiate your body to begin healing itself.
Your levels of calm and relaxation will increase, plus the soothing of your nervous system, strengthening your immune and energy systems and releasing a host of hormones to make you feel good.
During the Gong Bath you will be transported on a journey where you will feel the connection with the universe, and for some, the creator of all things.These connections produce profound levels of peace and calmness as well as unconditional and absolute love.
The session eventually comes to an end, as the Gong falls silent. This is not an empty silence, however it is a sacred silence created by the gong sounds fading away, full of intense profound healing power, many people find this part of the session the most powerful.
Included with the cost of your ticket, and starting from the following evening Micheal will send you a distant Reiki healing session each evening for 7 days.
"Slowing our breathing down is a free ticket to an altered state of consciousness" (New Scientist May 22 .2021 p. 37)
Congratulations, You Have Been Gonged

The Sequence of Events;
  • Arrive at 7 pm.
  • Introduction from Michael
  • Word and visualise your Intent, linked to your goal, then release them into the universe
  • Settled on your couch, or on your yoga mat, wrapped up cosy and warm.
  • Crystals to hold and some placed around your body.
  • The session begins with the Closing of the eyes, then;
  • Abdominal Belly breathing is started to begin slowing your brainwaves ahead of the gong
  • Guided meditation with Chi Kungs Inner Smile, for the lungs and heart
  • Guided meditation onto holding on to your Intent as you continue with belly breathing
  • Michael will begin playing his Gong
  • As the sounds from the Gong eventually diminish and drift away, you will become exposed to the pure and profound silence or "shunyata". This is not an empty silence however, the now quiet gong has left an intense healing power in its wake, in what we call the "Gong Space". The combination of high vibrational energies of light, and sound, will hold you in a period of calm, peaceful tranquillity for several minutes, as your senses gradually, bring you back to earth again. Many find this silence the most powerful part of the event.
    You have now been Gonged. Handouts and leaflets given out. Michael will answer any questions you have, and encourage you to share your experiences, take photos for your scrapbook or social media account, try your hand at playing the gong, or you can enjoy a hot drink and biscuits.
    • 8.20 - 9 pm, time to say farewell before heading off home.
Distant Reiki 4 You
After you return home Michael will send everyone a Distance Healing Crystal, Reiki session each evening starting the following evening between 8 & 9 pm for 7 days after. Please try to drink more fluids during this week to help flush out the toxins that will be released by your body as a result of the intensity of the combined therapies.
Michael will have handouts to take away and will encourage you to continue using the powerful practises of abdominal belly breathing and Chi Kungs Inner Smile on a regular basis to help you maintain and improve further your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health and wellbeing.
I Sincerely Hope You Have Enjoyed Your Crystal Reiki Gong Bath
And I look Forward To Seeing You Again Soon
In Peace Light and Love
Micheal ❤️😊

Mid Summer Solstice Gong Bath

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