Have You Considered Joining The UK Reiki Federation?

Being a Reiki healer or a Reiki Practitioner can sometimes be a lonely place. Like minded people who share your connection, affinity and kindred spirit are abundant, but finding them can take a while. You could send out your intentions into he universe to attract these people into your life, but while you are waiting you can make use of one very precious resource that is readily available to you right now.
I have been a proud member of the UK Reiki Federation (UKRF) for several years, and just as we as individuals and Reiki practitioners evolve, so does the UKRF. If you are a Reiki enthusiast, student, healer or practitioner l thoroughly recommend you join this fantastic Reiki community. This is not a lonely place but a thriving community of like minded, enthusiastic dedicated people with one common interest -- Reiki.   Click here to find out more

The UKRF offers a range of Reiki membership categories (see above) to meet the needs of both, those using Reiki for themselves and for Reiki professionals. In the non-practitioner categories: Student and Associate membership. In the practitioner categories: Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Master Teacher membership.
Friend of the UKRF membership
We also offer a package for those who would like to become a Friend of the UK Reiki Federation. For more details see the info tables further down. There are so many great reasons to join the UK Reiki Federation. Free Directory Listing Events – including online Reiki Shares, online Webinars and Annual Conference Member specific area on website, including member resources and the right to use the UKRF logo Constantly up to date with industry best practice including Covid-19 guidelines Professional Research team Frequent updates through all media channels, including email, website, and social media Working with professional organisations to improve Reiki standards: CNHC accreditation for both Practitioners and course providers Member of the IHC working with 26 other complementary therapy organisations to lobby Parliament and bring Reiki into the mainstream Reiki Medic-Care Connecting Reiki with Medicine. Animal Reiki accreditation Reiki World magazine Distance healing network and distance healing shares Balens block scheme for discounted insurance Lineage tracing service
Associate Member Online Learners
The UKRF welcomes Reiki enthusiasts who have learned Reiki online and have received an online or group attunement. Individuals who wish to expand on and deepen their Reiki journey can explore their passion and purpose while benefiting from an exciting membership option.
Online Reiki learners are invited to join the UKRF, a UK-wide organisation, committed to sharing the transformative impact of Reiki through collaboration, community, education and awareness.
Associate Member Online learners.
This category is offered to online Reiki learners who have immersed themselves in an online Reiki learning journey. Now online learners have an opportunity to access the benefits of being a part of a long established and credible organisation offered through UKRF’s membership option. MAKING REIKI ACCESSIBLE TO ALL The UKRF recognises that a phenomenal sharing of the benefits of Reiki as a wellness practice has been largely enabled by a rapid increase in online courses offering Reiki learning and knowledge. Through a collaborative approach to training and education, UKRF continues to raise awareness of the standardisation and credibility of Reiki practice in the UK, and we are keen to make this accessible to all. 
The Associate Member
This membership option offers affordable and comprehensive benefits including: Joining a vibrant online community made up of Reiki friends, associates, practitioners and master teacher Reiki World Magazine Attend events organised by the UK Reiki Federation (fees may apply) Opportunities to share experiences, ask questions, and build connections with like-minded individuals on the same transformative journey. Access to the Member portal and learning hub UKRF membership options and further training is available (subject to review) to online Reiki learners which offers a range of different pathways to progress. UKRF can provide access to a range of courses to support online learners to gain enhanced Reiki knowledge, training and practice including: Professional and personal development opportunities with an option to access further training and in-person attunements. Dedicated learning option to become CNHC accredited Options and pathways to set up an insurable Reiki practice (subject to training) UKRF FOR EVERY STEP OF YOU REIKI JOURNEY UKRF is renowned for its commitment to excellence in Reiki and is keen to bring Reiki into the mainstream, encourage a general understanding of what Reiki is, and how quality learning and teaching can be accessed. As the largest Reiki-only professional organisation in the UK and Europe we are setting the highest standard for Reiki. Our passion for supporting all Reiki interested people consistently directs UKRF’s continued engagement to be there ‘on every step of your Reiki journey’.
Student Membership

Have you had an online Attunement?
Have you completed an On-Line Reiki Course?

If your answer is yes, the UK reiki Federation will accept you for membership

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