Gong Rewards

In January 2022 I introduced my Gong Loyalty Rewards scheme, which is now called Gong Rewards. As a thank you for attendees who book my Gong Baths in Newcastle and at my Gong Studio near Blyth, and for all the support I have had over the last several years, but also to encourage new attendees to try a Gong Bath experience for themselves.
For those who book for Newcastle or at my Gong Studio near Blyth, once you have purchased 6 tickets either for yourself or for friends to bring with you, you will be entitled to a free session, at either venue. 
Michael will monitor all the bookings and let you know when you can book your free session.
The only restrictions are that you have purchased all the tickets in your name. You don't have to have consecutive purchases and ticket purchases can be rolled over into the following year so there are no time restrictions or limits as to how many free sessions you can have. Guests who attend each month can have two Free Gong Baths each year. If you bring a friend each month, thats 4 free Gong Baths for you each year.
The more tickets you purchase the more Free Gong Baths you will receive.
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