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Gong Baths To Leave You Feeling Zen

Sound therapy is a very special and unique experience, where attendees traditionally lay down on a yoga mat with their heads facing the Gong, or in a warm cosy sleeping bag. For those who prefer to sit upright rather than being horizontal Micheal's relaxing reclined chair is a nice alternative. The sound and vibrations will flow through and saturate your body energetically, emotionally, mentally and physically. Sound therapy is a very powerful tool, allowing us to unplug ourselves from the hectic grid, and activate, and modify our states of consciousness in a positive way, to readjust the bodies natural rhythms, release tension and energy blockages, and bring inner calm and stillness, where deep healing can then occur.

My Gong Studio, is located on the Chase Farm estate approximately two miles west from Blyth town centre, South East Northumberland. When you book your eventbrite ticket will have my full postal address and my contact details printed on. From here l have a range of different Sound and Gong Baths available, and these all incorporate Crystal, and Reiki energy which greatly increases the effectiveness of the Sound therapy. My studio is also used by myself and students for daily Qigong and Reiki practice, which empowers my Gong Space further, with a magical spiritual feel and connection. If you are looking for a  Sound or Gong bath either for yourself or to share with family or friends you will find a range of weekly, monthly and seasonal events to choose from, using the right side menu.

Space4Gongs, Gong Baths To Leave You Feeling Zen

My studio is home to my three awesome Gongs, my captivating Didgeridoo, my alluring Ocean and Tribal drums, my enchanting Koshi chimes, my delightful Singing bowls, and my divine Tibetan bells, as well as being home to hundreds of radiant Crystals which have come from all four corners of the world to assist me. It's also home to my students and clients. My Studio is comfortable, and spiritual and can accommodate up to four attendees. It is constantly filled with positive energy and happy vibes, which you will feel as soon as you step in, and when you leave, your body will be filled with that same positive, healing energy.

Above. My Gong Studio layout. Reclining Chair & footrest, Yoga Mat and Chaise Longue Sofa. You can select your preference at the Eventbrite checkout.

Below. Two Yoga Mats with the Chaise Longue

Below. Some of my events have provision for up to 4 people, please check on the Gong bath you are interested in. Here my Studio is set up for 4 people with Chaise Longue, two yoga mats and armchair.
How To Book My Gong Baths
Booking onto any of my events is easy, and simple, but with over seven different events to choose from, the hardest part will be deciding which one you want to try.
This page has generic information that applies to all my events while each event has its own separate page with information more specific to that particular Sound or Gong Bath. Use the sub menu in the top right panel to view each of my events.
Each Gong Bath page has an Eventbrite image like the one below which will take you straight to Eventbrite the secure ticket and promotional platform that hosts all my events, and here you can get the latest information, dates, availability and buy your tickets. Please note Eventbrite is always updated before my website.
The Link Above Will Take You To All My Events Collection on Eventbrite
Once on Eventbrite you will find details, dates, availability and tickets. You can pay using their secure checkout, or you can opt to "Pay on Door" where you can then pay Micheal using cash, cheque, PayPal.
Alternatively you can email me with the event your interested in, the date, together with the names of each attendee, your telephone number, and your nearest Town, and I will book your tickets on Eventbrite for you, (subject to availability). I will contact you to confirm your event, date and places. Eventbrite will email you your tickets, and you can pay on arrival. 

My Gongs, and other instruments, together with my Reiki and crystals will help to provide you with a relaxing, calming, soothing, stress busting, wellbeing and energy rebalance. Micheal will send everyone who attends a Distant Reiki healing session every evening between 10 and midnight for a week starting from the following day. 

Is It Safe For Me?

Crystal, Reiki and Sound healing combined together are generally considered safe for most people, regardless of age or fitness level. However as a precaution they may not be recommended during pregnancy, or those diagnosed with epilepsy, seizures, or some mental health conditions, especially when taking prescribed psychotropic drugs.
This also applies to anyone who has a pacemaker or other electrical or mechanical device fitted. For those who wear a hearing it is recommended that these are turned down to avoid any discomfort. For those with any other medical condition and feel concerned please speak to your G.P, Consultant or medical practice before booking your place.

What should I Expect During a Session?
The benefits of sound healing are well documented and have been known for many years. Having a Gong Bath can feel different for everyone, and also different every time you have one. My advice is to come with an open mind and heart, and expect the unexpected. Gong Baths are synonymous with journeys. My Gongs will provide the medium for your journey. A journey where your body is re-aligned, re-booted, rebalanced, and cleansed as the vibrations massage every one of your bodies 37 trillion cells, and where the healing qualities are fully absorbed, and depending on the pitch of the Gong some more than others. As the journey continues each of us will experience the transformational abilities of the Gong and Reiki being received and assimilated into our energy system. All the good things coming your way are of a benevolent nature, full of love, healing and positive intentions. The journey Time itself can become strangely distorted, for some time will feel longer while for some it may feel shorter. But eventually the session does come to an end, and we are returned to an intrinsic state of homeostasis, or optimal state of functioning together with the unique feelings you will have.
Congratulations You Have Been Gonged
Congratulations You Have Been Gonged. In the protection and safety of the Gong Space, harmful negative energies seccumb to the more abundant and powerful positive energies being integrated into every single cell of our body. However more sensitive people may recall, and even feel the memory of the issue surrounding the negative energy before it enters into a state of collapse. This applies to other therapies,but more so with combined Sound and Reiki healing. Where this happens it can cause brief moments of anxiety, grief or sadness for some people, before those harmful negative energies fall away and collapse. Micheal will advise you at the start of the session that this can happen, and if it does to restart your deep belly breathing and inner smile which will act to ground you as well as minimising any anxieties. Micheal incorporates periods of silence known as "Sandhya" between the sounds, in order to help your mind gradually process and release any negative experiences,and feelings. These negative aspects should all be viewed in a positive light as it indicates that the combined energies are working to heal and restore your body and mind. Please dont worry if you dont experience any negative energies, but rest assured that they are being replaced with loving positive healing energy.

During and afterwards many people will experience an abundance of positive Sound and Reiki energies being generated inside the Gong Space, producing feelings of calm, peace, bliss, contentment, happiness, joy, compassion, profound levels of love as well as various levels of pain relief throughout as our body begins resonating at a higher frequency. This is coupled to our brainwaves slowing down and producing layers of altered states of consciousness from the combined exposure to the Gongs, Koshi chimes, Ocean drum, Crystals, Reiki, and even the energy from the universe itself.
More Benefits
Sound Bath Gong Baths are an ancient type of sound therapy where you'll be bathed in sound waves, which release high vibrations into every part of the body. This works to rebalance our organs, glands, while boosting our immune system. Energy blockages and stress are dissolved and as the brain slows down taking us into an altered state of consciousness where the brain, releases several “feel-good hormones.” These happy hormones evoke euphoria & excitement in our minds.These include dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, and oxytocin. Dopamine makes us feel pleasure, the kind we feel listening to music, etc. Meanwhile, serotonin is a natural mood booster that helps us to fight depression. Endorphins act as natural pain relievers, while oxytocin is the love hormone that enhances social bonding and induces feelings of protection, especially between mother and child.

The Instruments
The Instruments Micheal uses varies for each of his events. He uses Koshi Aqua and Air Wind Chimes, Ocean Drum, Himalayan Singing Bowls, Tibetan Bells, Tribal Drum, Australian Didgeridoo plus two Wind or Feng Gongs and one Chau Gong. Micheal uses Spiritual Intent to fuse the Reiki and Crystal energy with that of Sound to produce a Psycho Acoustic experience like no other. The Gongs are played intuitively with a variety of mallets, and styles of play to avoid overly producing monotonous rhythms. The sounds of the gongs can be both magical and haunting, and help connect us to the universe as well as offering a psycho-acoustic gateway to heightened, and altered states of consciousness.

The sound frequencies surpass our intellectual part of the brain, then travel to the core of our  cellular system, where the healing qualities can be fully absorbed and assimilated. With Crystal, Reiki,and Sound plus Internal Chi Kung energy added this greatly increases the vibrational rate of the energy further, to turbocharge and bring a multitude of additional benefits. 

The Gongs
Gong sound therapy has been practiced for thousands of years, and Gongs were one of the first instruments to be used here on Earth. The Gongs are played with a variety of mallets, and styles of play to avoid overly producing a monotonous rhythm. the sounds of the gongs can be both magical and haunting, and help connect us to the universe, and the creator of all things.
Gong baths offer a psycho-acoustic gateway to a heightened state of consciousnesses, and awareness as the sound frequencies surpass the intellectual part of the brain before travelling to the core of the bodies cellular system where the healing qualities can be fully absorbed, and assimilated. On this Gong Bath Micheal will use three Gongs and his Koshi Chimes.Each Gong is capable of producing not only beautiful tones, but complex rich overtones.
These haunting magical sounds from the gong can quickly entrain our brainwaves to slow down from the normal waking "Beta state" into the lower "Alpha" and "Theta" states and for many the journey will take them even deeper into the "Delta". state. These altered states of consciousness are well researched and shown to trigger the release of several happy hormones and chemicals by the brain to reduce tension and stress, improve blood pressure, elevate our moods, calming our minds, whilst promoting healing and wellbeing. Coupled with our increased vibrational rate help connect us to our higher selves and even the universe.


Electrons become highly charged electromagnetically, forming a huge plasma field to be created off and around the Gong

The late theoretical physicist "David Bohm" discovered that when a Gong is played, the metal becomes “excited”, and the electrons become highly charged electromagnetically, forming a huge plasma field to be created off the Gong and both the player and listener becomes part of that field. When the vibrational activity of the Gong ends, the electrons ‘go back’ to their original atoms, and once the Gong comes to rest the energy field collapses. When the Gong is revved up again the Plasma field expands and intensifies. Thus from a scientific point the participants of the event are being electromagnetically charged in a positive, benevolent and holistic fashion. Many walk away with a natural buzz that in some case has lasted for a week. Metal is the only material known where the electrons leave their atoms and join other atoms.

Gong Loyalty Rewards
I would like to extend a huge heartfelt thank you to everyone who has attended my Sound and Gong Baths , for supporting and attending my Sound and Gong baths over the last several years. As a way of a thank you I have a Gong Loyalty Rewards scheme. Once you have purchased 6 tickets for any of my events either at my Gong Studio at Chase Farm, or at the Quaker Meeting House in Gosforth, Newcastle you will receive your 7th Gong Bath completely free of charge. Micheal will monitor all the bookings and let you know when you are due your free Gong Bath, and you can choose between Chase Farm or Gosforth. There are no time restrictions or limits as to how many free sessions you can have, plus the events you attend don't have to be consecutive sessions. The only restriction is that you have purchased the tickets in your name. When you have bought your 6th ticket you can email Micheal to book you onto your  free session. Subject to available places you will receive your Complementary ticket from Eventbrite. 

I hope you don't find the information you need on this page, please check  FAQ (frequently asked questions) page or in the individual Gong Bath pages. If you need to contact me using the contact me page at the bottom of this page, I'll endeavour to reply by the following day at the latest. Thank you for your interest, and I hope to meet you soon
In Peace, Light and Love ❤️😊
Micheal Fothergill  BA


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Car Parking at my Studio

My Gong Studio has parking for up to 3 cars, one on the drive and 2 in front of our house

Ticket Prices

All my Gong Sound / Baths are £15 each

Refund Policy

If you book and then find you can't attend, email me and i'll offer you a free transfer to another even right up to the day before the event.

Reiki carries one of the highest  Vibrational Energies - Love

Age Limits

Gong Baths are open to anyone over 18 years.Teenagers are welcome to attend, where accompanied by a parent

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Studio Capacity

Most of my events have 3 tickets for each event, at my Gong Studio, however some events have 4 tickets 

Do I need to bring anything?

Just a smile and an open heart. My Studio has ample blankets, cushions, Yoga mats, eye masks and back support cushions if you need them. Please feel free to bring your slippers. Bottled or filtered water is also available, and in winter months hot herbal teas & biscuits. 

Sound Therapy Helps 

         Slow our brain waves                Raise our Vibration   Stimulate our Vagus Nerve    Bring Calm and Serenity    Connect us to the Universe

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    Do You have / Use Crystals?       Please feel free to bring all your lovely Crystals with you. The Sound Vibrations from my Gongs will Cleanse them all.

Gong Baths to leave you feeling Zen

Both Sound & Reiki help release lovely happy hormones

Energies Used

Crystal Energy

Reiki Energy

Sound Energy

Lunar & Universal 

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Purchase 6 tickets for any of my events and receive your next one Free

Therapies Used
To produce his fantastic Sound and Gong Baths, Micheal draws upon his skills and techniques from Sound therapy, Reiki, Crystal therapy, Qigong, Meditation and Hypnotherapy

All of Micheal's events are open to anyone over 18 years, and teenagers of 16 and 17 can also attend with a parent

Amazing Sounds From;

     Two Feng and Chau Gong

Ocean Drum 

Himalayan Bells

Koshi Aqua & Air Wind Chimes


Tribal & African Drums

Micheal is a qualified and practicing Gong Master, Reiki Master teacher, Crystal healer, Qigong teacher & Regression Hypnotherapist

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Micheal is available for talks and demonstrations on Sound healing,  Reiki and Crystal therapy as well as all his other therapies

Get Rewarded for Coming back
Purchase 6 tickets for any of my events and receive your next one Free


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