Reiki Second Degree (Level Two)

The Practitioner Level
This Course is now on Demand on either on a Monday or Wednesday evening from 6.15pm to 8.45 pm. You are invited to attend an informal meeting with Micheal to discuss the course over a herbal tea or coffee and there is no obligation whatsoever. Please email Micheal using the form below to arrange a drop in and chat. 
Ideally you will have a gap of at least three months since you took your level one course, and many associations recommend at least three months and for good reason. This gives you a chance to settle in to the routine of healing yourself, allowing your energies to settle into your higher vibrational level, while helping friends and family, and for some anything that moves. But all the while building your skills, knowledge and confidence.
That said most students will instinctively know when the time is right, even if that means its less than three months for them to progress further. If you’re coming from a different lineage, that is not a problem, but you will need your Level One certificate and Lineage record, especially to obtain insurance cover. From your level one course you will have learned the importance of using the Reiki and meditation on yourself on a regular basis, and as a result you probably noticed some changes. You may have noticed that your hands dont feel the same anymore, your intuition may be guiding you more, you may have experienced a deeper sense of peace, contentment and serenity,or that you feel more connected to the universe, or the creator of all things.
The Level Two Practitioner level provides you with an even higher vibration again, and two further symbols, or three depending on your previous training. The 'Sei He Ki'  is the harmony symbol used for mental and emotional issues, and addictions., Then there is the complex 'Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen'  which is the distance, time and space symbol.
These symbols will greatly assist you, not only with your clients, but  also with your spiritual development, as well as self healing. As a powerful tool they will become your close companions and you will be encouraged to use them just as much as your Cho Ku Rei . Together these symbols will deepen and improve your self-healing, and enable you to utilise your higher vibrational rate to bring powerful physical and emotional balance into the lives of others and also yourself.
                                                                                                                                                                                          Two of my students at Blyth

 We will build further on the foundations that you have established on the use of intuition and intention. An important part of the Second Degree is to move beyond the standard hand positions when you treat people, and to embrace intuitive working, or 'going with the flow'  trusting the source and letting the energy guide you in terms of hand positions, and using your 'eyes' , and whole body to send the Reiki.  Also how and when to use your symbols.
And while throwing away the book so to speak might seem daunting,  you will discover t’s actually quite liberating and a lovely natural way to work. You will learn all about distant healing where you’ll learn to send Reiki long-distances in a variety of ways, with multiple people at the same time. Distant healing is a very humbling and fulfilling practice, and there is many ways this can be achieved and on the course we will look at several methods you can use.
This is the Practitioner level where students get to work on actual paying clients. The treatment is very similar to what you will have been practising already, but with two additional symbols as well as your higher vibrational rate you will have more scope and tools available to you. You will learn all about completing consultation forms and keeping clients records. Agreeing a treatment plan with your client, which is empowering for them, and giving them advice at the conclusion of their treatment.  We will also take a look at contraindications and risk assessments. 
The format of this course is similar to my level One which is over 4 weekly  evening workshops. After you apply and have paid your deposit on Eventbrite I will send you an assignment for you to start before your one day workshop, but can be completed before and handed in when you come in at the end of your course. This workshop is usually on a Sunday. This is followed by an evening session at the end of your course. There will be no more than three students on any one course, but in some cases I will run a course with just one student. With this being a practitioner level there will be 10 client sessions for you to do at home, and these can be started after your first workshop. 
Micheal will provide you with consultation forms, and record sheets for you to complete with your clients. You will need to find these clients to practice on, and these could be friends or family or even volunteers from a work place or group you might know. 
There is several positive reasons for doing this, first it is designed to benefit you directly, even if the thoughts of it takes you out of your comfort zone. But be assured you will be ready for it. We will have discussed at your level one the importance of self healing after an attunement or awakening, and it remains the same after your level two as well. Some students may feel they don't need to self heal a second time, but if they don't start seeing clients for a while there energy can be all over the place manifesting itself in an emotional roller-coaster. Mental activity can be severely disrupted also. By having to work on clients straight after your workshop you will be 'reikied' also, thus getting that all important self healing. It is vital that you have Reiki  to help your body and energy adjust and balance to the new higher vibrational rate your body will experience.
Therefore by having to work on clients will help ensure that you will remain in balance. Second it can be daunting to work on clients initially for some students and the fact that you need to complete 10 client sessions before you can qualify is a good incentive, but also it will boost your confidence and ability, and if selected carefully many of those initial clients will stay with you helping to build a regular clientele.
And finally it demonstrates not just to yourself but also to your tutor, clients, insurance companies and professional associations that you have been adequately trained and are both competent and capable of running a professional practice safely and effectively on actual clients.
Your Reiki Second Degree training course has over 10 hours of contact teaching, and approximately 15 hours of directed home study and client work. 


Below was the feedback from the first of my Second degree students. I include her gracious and kind comments gladly and humbly. She was a true inspiration and joy to work with. A truly exceptional, and special individual. If you have a passion for Reiki, l will do my best to help you realise your full potential and unlock your talent to become a truly exceptional Reiki practitioner also. You too can be inspirational and awesome.
"Thanks again for today Micheal it was awesome really. Looking forward to taking what I've learned from you, and working on my intuition. You've been fantastic and a real joy to work with too. I'm so excited ". C.A Northumberland. January 2023.

If you would like to find out more, I invite you to come along for an informal chat where you can ask all your questions, and Micheal will talk you through the course content and structure. 
  • With this course now being available "On Demand", it is not possible to promote or advertise it through the Eventbrite platform. 
  • Scroll down to the bottom of this page where you will find the contact "Micheal for an Informal Chat" giving some dates and times when you are available to come along.
  • How To Pay your Deposit and Balance.
  • Reiki Level Two Course (Second Degree)  Course Deposit £50  Please click on the PayPay picture below to pay with a card or PayPal payment using  PayPal's secure checkout.
  • Balance of £100 to be paid on the first workshop using cash, cheque or PayPal.
  • Total Course Fees £150
  • This course will be equivalent to 10 Cpd points. (2 points per hour)

On Going Support
There comes a time when we all can benefit from clarification on a certain subject and this applies to learning any new skill, and while Reiki is easy to learn that doesn't mean everyone will grasp its many fascinating facets  immediately. Students can draw comfort in the knowledge that help and support is always available, even when your course finishes. In addition to on going support by phone or email.
If you are an existing self employed therapist and have professional insurance cover,  you will need to extend this to cover you for professional Reiki practice also. Michael is a member of the UK Reiki Federation, and once you complete your course you can choose to join also, They will require a copy of both your level one and two course certificates as well as you lineage record from your Reiki Master Teacher. If you don't already have any therapy insurance Balens Insurance will be happy to insure you, and again you will need to provide the same documents as above. I have been with Balens Insurance for many years they offer very competitive rates for therapists, and I can thoroughly recommend them to you. 
IPlease click here to go to Balens specialist therapy insurance brokers. 
Click here to go to the UK Reiki Federation site.



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